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Name: Mika Takahame
Nickname: Mimi
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual
Age: Twenty-One
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 110 lbs.
Blood Type: O Negative
Appearance: Bright purple hair, sparkling orange-yellow eyes, and spunk in every limb of her body. Mika always has her frizzy hair pulled up into two pigtails, though sometimes she does straighten it out. School uniform is usually worn, since she's still a college student. She has a rockin' body with plenty of curves, though she's only a B cup on top.
Personality: Mika's spunky. She's feisty and sexual, and not afraid to hit on straight girls too. She's what a lot of people consider a 'bad girl'. Even though she's a stripper, she never gets into bed with men. It's stripping only for her. She's determined in her ways, and though she can be quite loose, she does have a strict code of morals she sticks to.
Biography: { What’s the story behind the face? Give is insight into why they act the way they do. No amnesia either. No, TBA also. Make one, and stick with it. Don’t be vague. Don’t be afraid to give them a happy life too. }
Location: Zenraiu's "Love Hotel", Ota, Southern Tokyo
Hometown: Hokkaido
Likes: { Things your characters likes. Food, drinks, movie genres, etc. }
Dislike: { See above, but reverse it. }
Hobbies: Designing clothing and making them.
Relationships: Ashikabi to Yoko, Koushi, and Taura.
Occupation: Stripper
No. 24 Yoko
No. 25 Koushi
No. 26 Taura