Kala Riswynn

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My home is what you call the: Southern Water Tribe

I am the
: Avatar

I'm a: Girl need some proof?

Yeah I'm: Not interested [ Heterosexual ] Have some problem with it?

Well, I've lived for about: Seventeen years

Gimme gimme!:
✓ Waterbending
✓ Books
✓ Kicking men's asses
✓ Fluffy Animals

I'll kill you if I see:
✗ Firebenders
✗ Being dismissed as a fighter because of her sex
✗ Being vulnerable
✗ Hot weather

The element that bears my name is : Water

I'm on the

I've been told by all that I am
: A complete and total b***h. Well, at least that's what most of the Southern Water Tribe members think of her. At least the male population, considering she's challenged them all to fights and won by a landside. She loves a good fight, and is always looking to make herself a better fighter. She's not one to listen to what people think of her. She does what she wants, when she to do it. That's just the way that she is, and the way she has always been. She's stubborn, hot-headed, and refuses to give up.

Well, my life goes something like this :As a young child, Kala lived in the Southern Water Tribe with her parents. She grew up on stories of Katara and the avatar, and she had always wanted her own adventure. She wanted to run off and be a great hero so her parents would be proud of her. All she ever wanted, was for her parents to be proud.

Of course as a bull-headed young girl, she refused most of her water bending training for healing. She learned a bit, but she usually stole scrolls and practiced her own water bending outside the village. Needless to say when her parents found out, they weren't very happy with her. Kala insisted that she was a natural, and proceeded to challenge every boy in the village and defeat them. Her parents were even less happy with this outcome. Kala was upset to say the least, and headed outside the village to wander.

It would so happen that a blizzard showed up around that time, and Kala was unable to leave a small cave for an entire week. Her parents grew concerned for her well-being, and half way through the blizzard, left the village to go searching for her. Kala returned to the village four days after her parents left, only to find they were missing. No on in the village had seem them, and after organizing a search party with no success, Kala was utterly devastated. She had been the cause for her parents disappearance.

She packed up her things and headed out to search for them, covering the entire island in about a year with no sign of their whereabouts. Eventually, she came back to the village, broken but not defeated. She was sure they were out there somewhere... and she would just have to make herself famous somehow so they would know where to find her. The villagers thought she was stupid, that her parents had surely died in the blizzard, but Kala never listened to them.
Instead, she moved further out into the hills and continued to make smoke-signals from atop a hill, incase she'd missed them on the island. She hunted for food by herself, and made her own clothes, and became an independent women. She never stopped training her body or her water bending skills.

Now, after ten years of her parents missing, Kala has lost most of her hope for their survival. She's continued living without much purpose, other than to never let anyone she cares about disappear again. She returns to the village sometimes to chat and pick up supplies, but for the most part, she lives alone with her small white hamsters Yen and Jiao.

Ah, somethings that I missed are: She has two pet hamsters she found out in the wild, named Yen and Jiao.
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