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N a m e :
    Kayla Vi Kimlasca

G e n d e r :
    Obviously female. You may need your eyes checked if you couldn't tell.

A g e :
    Will you believe me when I say sixteen? My brother calls me Jailbait. Isn't that rude?

C r u s h :
    It's sad I don't like anyone isn't it?

A f f i l i a t i o n :
    Why I'm a pokemon trainer! Though I'm more of a coodinator than a trainer.

H o m e t o w n :
    I don't remember it much, but I was born in Violet City, Johto!

S t a r t e r P o k e m o n :
    It was none other than a little Skitty named Bell!

T y p e P r e f e r e n c e :
    I prefer beautiful, cute, and cool pokemon! But, secretly, I love them all.

P a r t y :
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    Belle [ Delcatty # 301 ]
    Pompous, but only a little. She's just incredibly spoiled, but she's not afraid to get down and dirty. She always finishes a fight, but won't start one.

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    Kyubi [ Ninetails #38 ]
    Calm and level-headed, but he always ends up fighting with Belle. He swears she starts every fight too. He's gorgeous and often has random pokemon follow him around, thinking he's a girl. It annoys him when he's called a girl and doted upon, though he tolerates it when Kayla dotes on him.

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    Mithos [ Glaceon # 471 ]
    Stand-offish and somewhat lonely in nature, Mithos however is fiercely loyal to Kayla and often times over protective. Which is unfortunate since he has a tendency to get kicked away by suitors. His strategy works well though, because when Kayla sees someone hurt her baby Mithos, she becomes furious and often dumps the other instantly. Mithos has a tendency to get hurt, but he's got incredible stamina and can take a lot of hits.

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    May [ Lopunny # 428 ]
    Klutzy, and yet adorable, she has a tendency to trip over her own feet and do something incredibly amazing. She's Kayla's pride and joy when it comes to cool competitions, and as well as the cut competitions. Her unexpected moves and even her failures make her irresistible in competitions. For some reason, she's gather her own small fan club of contest pokemon and often times runs away from other pokemon for no reason when she suspects them to be her fans.

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    Dizzy [ Spinda # 327 ]
    A very friendly Spinda, and just like Lopunny, ends up tripping and doing something incredibly badass. He always staggers around, though he could walk straight if he wanted to. He just enjoys staggering around.

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    Scarlet [ Milotic # 350 ]
    Quiet and always mysterious, Scarlet is always there when a fight shows up to calm everyone down. Even Kayla doesn't know too much about her, but she trusts Scarlet with all of her heart.

P e r s o n a l i t y :
    Innocent and sweet, most of the time at least. Kayla's fairly trusting even though she ought not to be. Her mother had always taught her to be weary of others, especially men, but seeing her parent's love, Kayla couldn't take her mom seriously. As a child she watched a lot of old movies and found an intense love for jazz. She loves things like old movies and hopelessly romantic things. She's a bit of a sap, but she's a good person. She likes to help out others, but she's got quite a bit of spice in her attitude. She refuses to be pushed around, and will stand up for herself, and for her dear friends and family.

B a c k g r o u n d :
    The daughter of Asche and Jenny Vi Kimlasca, she was born in Johto while the couple were traveling about along with her twin brother Lucas. Even though they look nothing alike, they've always had a bit of a mental connection. Despite her mother's wish for her to take over being a champion trainer of normal-type pokemon, Kayla found a different love. Pokemon contests. They reminded her of all the old movies and jazz music, and she got to dress up and looking pretty without having to come up with an excuse to wear a red sequin dress.

    She trained in secret with Belle, readying her for her first contest she was scheming to enter. Of course, her brother had to find her one day, but things ended up better than she could have expected. He loved contests just as much as she did, and all those times she walked in on him hiding a magazine, they were pokemon contest magazines! Go figure. So the two started training together.

    Eventually they all moved back to Hoenn, which Kayla was thrilled about. New pokemon, a new town, and new men. She had started to get sick of her stalkers in Johto anyway. Her and her brother continued to train, and when they were around eleven, the two began traveling around Hoenn.

    They've always traveled together, and while Kayla has become a star in Beauty and Cute contests, the two dominate in Cool contests with their Spindas. Kayla wouldn't know what to do without her brother, despite her independent nature.

T h e m e S o n g :

S i g n e d, Insainbutterfly