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Profile Type: II
Name: JackKnife
Nickname: The Candle Man
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Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Who knows?
Height: 6'8"
Weight: 176 lbs.
Appearance: His face is hidden beneath the wide brim of a tall top hat. The ends are frayed, but around this wide bride side wax candles that are always lit, and never shrink, though wax will occasionally drip down the sides of the hat. Stringy white blond hair hangs around his abnormally pale face, which contrasts greatly against his jet black clothing. More frayed and worn black clothing clings to his body. Similar to a body suit, the pants come all the way down to his feet, though they don't cover his own foot, leaving quite a bit exposed to the ground.
Personality: Mysterious, and all together an enigma. Things he does don't seem to make sense at all, and he almost never acts the say every time to you meet. He's described as creepy and all together nonsensical.
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Ashikabi: None.
Type: Devil
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