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Profile Type: One & One
Username: Insainbutterfly
Name: Eva Istonia & Ivy Istonia
Nickname: Ebony & Ivory
Gender: The Fairer Sex
Sexual Orientation: You can Guess!
Age: Twenty Four & Twenty Four
Height: 6'1" & 6'1"
Weight: 126 lbs. & 126 lbs.
Blood Type: O Negative & O Negative
Appearance: Twins in very aspect, almost clones. Eva and Ivy are the same everyone, save for the skin and hair color. While Eva is dark-skinned with matching hair, and Ivy is fair-skinned with blond hair. Both eyes are a brilliant blue. Both are busty and curvy, and are considered quite beautiful.
Personality: The twins are close. They hold either other dear, and value one another over any other being. Despite being Nurses, the two harbor a deep hatred of people. After a long time of harassment and abuse, the two may act like two perfect angels, but will stab you in the back without a second thought. They only trust one another, and find it difficult to show their hatred around one another.
Biography: Eva and Ivy lived a normally happy life. Their mother died in childbirth, and they lived with their father for a long time. He was a doctor, so the girls decided they wanted to become nurses and follow in their father's footsteps. The two went through high school like two perfect angels, went through college, but it wasn't until they moved out on their own and began working at a hospital that they developed their hatred of people. The hospital was flat out corrupt. They were given uniforms a size too small, so the doctors could ogle their bodies. They were threatened to be fired if they didn't wear their given uniforms. The girls tentatively agreed, and have been sexually harassed just about every day since they began working. There was one night when Ivy worked later, and Eva went home, a few of the late-shift workers tried to rape her. She managed to get them off of her long enough to run away, but she was so afraid after that, she never left Eva's side. The men who tried to rape Ivy began taking money from their paychecks, claiming it was for retribution. The two have been forced to live out in the ghettos, barely making ends meet anymore.
Location: Ota, South Tokyo
Hometown: Minato, East Tokyo
Likes: Music, Revenge, Switchblades, Sushi / Archery, Sake, Udon
Dislike: People.
Hobbies: Tai'Chi and Yoga / Archery and Cooking
Relationships: Sister to Ivy / Sister to Eva
Occupation: Nurses at the Southern Ota Hospital
Sekirei: None yet.