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ou o
Feelin' good. Gettin' ready for School ._.
I think this year is gonna be a breeze,
I think it'll be fine,
I think the kids will like me now and I hope they can see I've changed.
I wasn't that bad all the other years ago when I went to school with them, but most of it was provoked and from being mistreated already. I had only one friend. This black boy a year younger than me. I think he felt sorry for me and he was cool to hang out with. :<
When I went to ITPC two school years ago (A place I was put in for bad behavior and to get help, and it wasn't a punishment at all. I spent two school years and a half there. 5-6th grade.)
At ITPC we have a ropes course, and a bunch of schools go there every year including mine (which reminds me! I can't wait to see ITPC again when my school goes! biggrin !)
and my school went every year and last time they were there, we were outside running laps and everyone was like "Oh my god, Cheyenne! Witch! witch!"
and then one year, this guy I knew backed up against a wall and was like "OH MY GOD! O_O!" like I was gonna smash his face into the wall or something. Atleast I know they're scared of me. :/
But Im gonna be nice even when they treat me wrong! v.v I just...was raised better than that to let words kill me and let them get the best of me! T___T But if they get violent with me, I will NOT be ran over. :/ Or if it gets too out of hand, I report it to many people I know and DA since I have DA up my butt. (DA= District authorities office.) :< but my DA lady is amazingly nice and talks to me like an adult 8D she'll take care of me, best part is her office is right in the school. <333
Okay, so,
I have 6 teachers, my homeroom is language arts! (Yes! <3 it'll be easy!) I love to write 8D
My next period is gym. I'll need a gym uniform and I'll probably be getting changed infront of all the 7th grade girls(In my period) in the locker room. Oh gosh. I hope I don't get jumped. xDDD
I hope I do make friends, like with Diana, who I'll try finding and talking to. She liked me in 4th grade, but chose the group that hated me over me. .o .
So maybe I'll be the super nice quiet kid (which I plan to be) and she'll stick up for me sometimes if these two really nasty boys I know try messing with me...v.v Cole and Tylor. :/
Okay, and my third period is math then geography then citizenship and last scene life and I have geo and citizenship with the same teacher...sooo...yeah. I just hope my homeroom teacher is not a b***h. >l
I just...pray this year will be a great one..where I can make friends instead of go home crying everyday..and maybe the bus rides won't be so long and lonely because I'll have friends... v.v
I'm nervous,
I hope I can find my way around the 7th grade part of the school which I've never been in...so... :/
and I'm gonna dress goth, the way I like, and they called me goth in 4th grade and half of 5th grade (which is the year I got moved to ITPC) but now I actually am. neutral and most likely still AM more mature than you all. But I won't open my mouth.
Maybe some of them will know what Anime is...and have a Gaia... :/ that'd be nice..
I just hope I make it through the first day without anyone hating me! >___<
I know everyone is gonna be all shocked and making a big and unnecessary deal about me being back and all but..I'll put up with it the best I can. :/ I just dont know how I'll handle all the questions and all the rumors they probably started about me when I was gone.....
besides that, I saw Brandon today when he got a two hour break from work and made him something to eat and spent time with him. :/ and then we kinda laid down for a nap so it was all good. <3

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