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ou o
School: Day 4
I hate writing in this thing,
and every night it feels like a chore because I wanna write this **** down.
Well, gym was cool, I have a locker with two girls I like instead, Autumn and Joey or whatever, the really tall girl and redheaded one.
and 5th period was awesome,
Cole was messing with me (Dude I cannot stand, who was in 4th grade with me, funny thing is now no one likes him or Tylor. Another dude in 4th grade.)
he was like, "Well, atleast teachers like me." I said "Because that teacher was just fond of *****."
and everyone got shocked like they'd never heard the word *** before.
hell, some of them use **** and don't know what it means.
and so he's like "Atleast I'm not a ****." and I'm sorry,
I hate being called it,
since so many think of me as one because of my relationship. Girls in 7th grade don't think being with a guy for 3 years is good or something I guess. I mean. that's all they know but. I got pissed and yelled out, "I am not...A FUC'KING SL'UT!" it embarrassed him and me, but only me a little. the long term sub teacher just didn't know what to do, he was pissed already and he grabs Cole by the shoulder and yells at him outside and cole is just all "SHE CALLED ME AN ***, DUDE!" HHAHAHAHAHA. XDDD
So I'm like, laughing and everyone is too.
And a lot of guys, you'd be surprised, A LOT of guys came up to me and basically said they respected me for doing it and that Cole needed to be told off. The girls seemed annoyed but some were like, "he deserved it."
so everyone really likes me again. If he messes with me he's gonna get a bloody nose. I swear. I'll turn around and punch his lights out like I did Tylor in 4th grade when he looked up my fu'ckin' skirt. I think I showed everyone I don't put up with anyone's ****. You don't walk over me, you don't run me over, I respect you and you respect me and I won't knock your lights out. I have never lost in a fight and don't plan to. Not saying I'm such a badass, I just don't let that **** go on with me.
My self confidence is too high and I'm too smart to let someone lower it for me.
I was ready to curse out the teacher because he's all like, "Don't be immature and just come to me, Miss. You disturbed my class." PFT.
Whatever, d-bag.
Ugh. I have so many friends. >u< I just..ugh! I love this year so far! I just hope it doesn't end...
Cole's nast name is Eastenwood or easterwood and he called me something and I was like, "Atleast my last name isn't Yeastwoody." LOL.
and I'm like, "***** get those, not me." after he said I'd know about them
and then I pulled the **** he pulled on me and was like, "Huh, what's that?" after he tried saying something back. Everyone hates him even more now. xDD!!!!
I wore Brandon's jacket today because it was all cold in some of my classes and some kids were like, "She smells like smoke."
and in 4th period we played a game, called Agree/disagree
the teacher had signs around the classroom you'd stand by and they were: Agree,
disagree, somewhat agree, somewhat disagree.
I was the only one on Disagree when the question was, "Do you think all tobacco should be illegal?" and I explained myself real well, like, "It's there, it's bad and I know that and I don't do it, but it's there, it's a choice. People get addicted and need it." the teacher backed me up reeeeeal well.
one was religion related,
and the question was: "Do you think all public schools should pray before a class, lunch or before school starts or is dismissed?"
I was on somewhat disagree with a few other boys who really backed me up.
We made better points than the others on Agree.
The best one made was by me I believe
and they all agreed. xD I was like, "Some people are against it, and if you wanna pray do it on your time and not everyone else's time. It would cause bullying and take away so much time in a class." etc etc

Good day is good day.
Brandon and my grandma pick me up tomorrow.

if I feel like writing out my entire days,
I will,
for now I'll just put the things important to me in here.

Today in gym this girl I knew, Jordan,
I came up to her and she starts fake crying and bawling and I'm like lolwut and she's like "This hot dude I like wears purple."
and I'm like "He's hot?"
"He has long hair?"
"Is he emo?"
"Not my type." xD And then I walk around and she yells me back over
and is trying to get me to date this emo dude she knows and I'm explaing Im in a 3 year relationship where I wanna marry the dude and he wants to marry me and he's two years older than me (snickersnicker)
and this one kind of annoyed girl goes, "I don't wanna get married until I'm 21."
like, telling me in her own way I should too and I was like thinking, because she's like way hella ugly and chubby and tall and kinda looks like a man: "You're just mad because you won't get married that soon. xD"

ou o so yeah
das eet.

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Community Member
commentCommented on: Fri Aug 13, 2010 @ 02:18am
badass. cool

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