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ou o
School: Day 3
What I forgot to write about yesterday:

Ms. Mcnamara needed to either get laid the other day or smoke a ciggerate at some points I thought.
Getting a sailor moon lunch box.
when ms. Mcnamara said no one would hold our hands in 7th grade, I thought Brandon will hold mine. <3
I thought about having to get undressed infront of all the girls, and then I looked at Diana's sister Jennifer and thought "Atleast I'm not fat." and felt better.
Coloring sailor moon stuff to put in my binder tonight :B
Cole was being a douche last period yesterday. And making an utter fool of himself.
I hate when you give someone a look after they've been acting stupid and they go "What?" or "Turn around." and you're just like. rolleyes
Lunch yesterday,
I can't really remember except I didn't talk to anyone and Diana and her friends kept smiling at me and looked like they were trying to talk to me. But from a far.
The bus was okay, only if it wasn't so hot.
Made friends with a black chick and white guy.
also, at the end of 5th period I was so ready to get out and see Brandon and mom when they pick me up I step on someone's foot and I said sorry like I really meant it and they laughed. e.e;;;; I thought that's what you were suppose to say... stare

So today,
I went in and sat down in homeroom
we finished coping notes and the kid infront me just kept sitting there acting dumb,
and I'm like "You better get to writing."
and he just kinda nodded at me and that was that
then we got locker information which those are in the class
and mine I still haven't opened

second period I thought we were gonna have a mean a** sub all day,
the only class I look forward to and the sub is mean ._.; Great! I thought. D&
when we first walked in and sat our bags in our desks like we;re suppose to do, this chick is like "Why are there always papers on my desks?" and the teacher, who we thought was just in there for something and then gonna leave is like "Don't complain." and something else with a rude tone. And I just rolled my eyes like wtf, man.
ALSO, I was scared of setting down my bag because the container I had my drink in would spill if it got knocked over because mom filled it so full. It got my bag wet and my pants on the bus this morning. =o='

So we leave to gym,
I get the right size for my uniform.
My pants were tight and killed me again sitting down today in gym.
We won't be doing anything until Monday,
so the girls were playing basketball and jump roping
so I went and sat down against a wall and watched a couple of girls jump rope real well,
I thought of cutting in and jumping rope too but my shoes were a bit uncomfortable for that. I hope they make it through gym.
Finally my pants had given me enough and when I sat down I slammed my back against the wall and it hurt pretty damn bad. Dx this chick came and sat by me who seemed kinda lonesome but I never spoke to her and shortly I got up and walked over to a wall where this bigger girl that talked to me the first day was on
and I asked her what's up and she's like, "I'm watching these retards try and do cartwheels." I felt the exact same about the cheer leaders showing off in the middle of the gym doing dumb cheers and everything,
we kinda trashed how stupid cheer leading was with another girl. When later on the two I was talking to moved over closer to the cheer leaders and basically showed them up doing cartwheels and hand springs xD and I just followed and watched then I sat down with those two and a group of girls and we talked. They told me I look like Miley Cyrus talk2hand
and they said I dress cool. 3nodding
But they were just joking I hope. xD
I think I may have some friends at gym atleast... 3nodding
When the cheer leaders were doing splits I felt like walking by one and saying, "Nice legs." xDDDD!! But I'd like to make friends with any of them if they wanted to be friends with me,
a short kinda cute chubby girl I talked to in that group later on asked if I'd share my locker with her and another girl that I don't know who that is. e.o;; but I felt cool about it and said yeah. 4laugh
I just hope changing won't be hard with my leg condoms. (Skinnys) xD
They have a sl'utlist in the 8th and 7th grade bathrooms, and from my understanding the whole cheer team is on the slu't list in the 7th grade bathroom. LOL. XDDDDDDD
so I'm like, "Well, hey, atleast I don't feel the need to call them that now."
But I won't. some of them are cool.
I wanna be the girl that likes anyone that will take five seconds to talk to her and is nice to everyone no matter what.
I just think cheer leaders are slu'ts.
I know that Brandon's sister was a cheer leader and all but I think it's just dumb
and all cheer leaders are just TOO preppy.
and I made a kinda mean joke to one of the girls today and was like, "Atleast we know their flexible." and they all laughed. xD
by second period we ate snack and our second period teacher was back by then. yay. 3nodding Did a small paper and then were on our way soon after.

I'm so lucky we didn't get text books today because Brandon wasn't able to buy my mesh backpack yesterday. 4laugh

4th period ms. Mcnamara just showed us videos of her class from last year the stuff we'd be doing
and we organized our binders and stuff. P: in her section of our binder she wanted us to make some what of a notebook for her, with a table a contents and shi't.

We did a simple sheet again in 5th period too again,
and then we did a note book thing too.
Then I realized something: We do a bellringer after getting into class and the bell rings, which is like a warm up and...bellringer in german is weckman...Brandon's last name. 4laugh so now I think of him every time I hear or see bellringer xD

going out to the car today and shi't mom had been waiting on me and I didn't see Brandon
so she explained he was tired and frustrated from last night (Not getting his check like he was suppose to and going through the trouble of atleast trying to get it etc etc)
but he was there taking a shower when we got home
I like, ran up and he picked me up and hugged me
then we went to walmart and he bought my backpack
and I was hyper. >u<
but then I was like, "Can Brandon spend the night friday?"
and she's like "I'll be out saturday night." and she;s bitching and Im just like
"I said FRIDAY not saturday." it takes her days for something to go through her head
and it pissed me and Brandon off
and he's scared if he says something mom will ban him from seeing me.
stare '
but anyways, I saw him leave for work and everything and we're okay now
Mom wants to go out saturday night and all and I'm just explaing weekends are all I have now. You have whenever to do s**t. I don't. I have school.
But whatever,
he can hopefully stay friday and saturday night until she leaves. stare

I ride from school in the afternoons as much as possible,
the bus is too long
and too hot for me to ride.
My DA lady is picking me up tomorrow
and Friday mom and Brandon come to get me.
:/ so hopefully s**t works out...

Lunch was okay,
I kinda talked to a black girl I knew who knows everyone and
my sammich tasted all nasty and weird. D8

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