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yyh realated mostly
HI EVERYONE! i haven't been on fo like ever but i'm back and i'm as evil and weird as ever yay ^^ well i gots to go work on mah new novel so sees ya!
a rant
yeah i have a few rants right now.

we'll start with work, so pretty much when i was hired two years ago they promised a bunch of s**t and one thing was equal opportunity, well just lately the store has decided to divide out hours by "numbers" which are our goals we need to hit every month by getting credit card applications, e-mail captures, and survey recognition, and i, like most associates, i never make my goals even though i do exactly what they ask, ask every customer, talk it up, explain it more blah blah blah. well since i don't get my goals, i don't get hours. i've had four hour weeks lately and its pissing me off, so i applied for the full time position that became available. well i kinda figured by the way my interview went, i didn't get it, or most likely wouldn't, well my friend from a different department applied for it too, and i knew other people would i just didn't know she did. well she ******** got the position and yeah shes a good worker but its just kinda like a sucker punch in the gut chosing someone they have to completly re-train vs someone who knows the department cuz they've been there two ******** years. but thats not really what pissed me off, its the fact that i told her i applied and then she didn't tell me she got it, and when i talked to libby about it, she told me my supervisor had made her decison 3 weeks BEFORE my interview. omfg, i was so beyond pissed there isn't even a word for it. so lets just say i'm ******** done with that place. i'm quiting as soon as i can afford too, in the meantime, i'm just not gonna say s**t, i'll show up, pretend i don't hate my life, and do my everyday stuff.

now with my family. well i think i mentioned to about everyone that i failed some classes, well i finally told my parents like, a week or two ago and they didn't freak out right away, but they're being super bitchy about it all. first, my mom about two days after i told them, i came home and was dropping my purse by the door and s**t and she calls me into the living room and i'm like, ugh ok it starts (she always needs something) but anyways i go in there and shes like "whats the plan?" and i was like, what? and shes like "well OBVIOUSLY photography isnt for you so what are you going to do next?" ....WHAT KIND OF ******** MOTHER SAYS THAT s**t!? goddamn! is it so damn hard to get some ******** support in my life!? and then a few days later my dad lectures me out about how its not gonna be easy getting a job as a photographer and its like, i already ******** know that, its not easy getting any job that isn't retail >< and then i was throwing a party for me and my friends at my house, well two days before the party, my mom needs me to clean the house cuz her friend is comming over to watch a show with her, so i had a million other things to do but i managed to powerclean 5 ******** rooms in one hour, when i got home later that night, i did get one thanks, but then the next two days it of course got messed up again, and when i really had a million things to do the day of my party, i needed some help cleaning, did i get any?? ******** NO. so then just yesterday my mom was having another party she ******** wakes me up early to help her clean and get things ready .-___- i'm pissed. so i give them a piece of my mind. i tell them why should i help you when nobody seems to help me out ever? oh man, i ******** got chewed out for that. is it fair? no, but life isnt fair.

so yeah, thats my main two rants, peace out.

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commentCommented on: Mon Aug 23, 2010 @ 06:12am
lllllyyyyyyynnnnnnnnnnnniiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. dont freak out! its okay! i support you! just dont give up! who cares about your parents? i dont give a ******** what they say. you can be a photographer, i know you can. just give it time and everything will go into place (: ive got your back <3

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