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yyh realated mostly
HI EVERYONE! i haven't been on fo like ever but i'm back and i'm as evil and weird as ever yay ^^ well i gots to go work on mah new novel so sees ya!
you know what it is
The tears I begged for finally fall,
Not from the person I wanted to bring them,
But from the people that always start them,
When in a fit I beg them to stop,
But when they slow I beg for them to stay,
I’m so confused,
I’m a disappointment I know,
You’ve already told me that,
I thought I wouldn’t care,
And at times I really don’t,
But when it comes down to it,
How dare you say that to me,
As much as I do,
And as much as I’ve given up for you,
The least you could do is respect me,
I have a lot going on inside of me,
Don’t add to the problem please,
I’m begging you,
Leave me alone for a little while,
I can’t take all of this,
I get one victory,
And I actually feel like life is getting better so I say it out loud,
I jinxed it,
Because now its all crap again,
Within a matter of seconds,
Is it so much to ask for a little peace,
My war is draining me,
I don’t need your army being added against me,
All I need is one night,
One day to talk to a special person,
One who will never understand but at least listens to me,
The lump in my throat is growing bigger with each word,
And I can’t swallow it,
At times like this I wish I had someone who is next to me,
Giving me comfort,
But I don’t have one,
Which is just yet another blow that causes more tears to fall,
Stop crying,
No no please keep the tears coming,
I need them,
Battle after battle,
I can’t do this,
My mind says give in its too much,
But my body stays standing and lets me get weaker,
I don’t have any crutches,
How am I alive?
Is it just me?
Am I just the type of person to take more than I can handle and blame myself later?
I guess I am,
No I don’t want to stop crying,
Please I’m begging you,
I want to cry,
Don’t listen to me when I say stop, no more,
Its hard to breathe,
But please,
Keep the tears coming,
I know the stains on my pillow will stay,
But I don’t care,
Please be quiet,
I don’t want anyone seeing me like this,
But I can’t breathe,
The lump grows with each tear,
You don’t understand,
I want this pain to go away,
So I have to endure this current pain,
I’ve done it before,
There’s so many things I could do to get over this,
But I won’t do it,
This is all I need,
I clench my stomach and gasp for breath,
I know I’m shaking,
Just don’t touch me,
I’m not fine,
But I will be,
My head is pounding now,
My nose is running,
Clear air goes in and out of my lungs,
I’m exhausted,
Tears falling slowly now,
Don’t stop,
I’m not ready yet,
The one thing I beg of you now,
Is tears,
If I can cry more now,
I will sleep once they stop,
Just allow me one more minute,
Don’t leave me yet,
These are my favorite tears,
These tears that strip me of my dry skin,
These are the tears that make me stronger.

one that isn't about a guy, amazing

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Community Member
commentCommented on: Mon Feb 07, 2011 @ 02:31pm
who is this about? im confused. why didnt you talk to me at all when you got online to post this?

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