Why do you let her treat you like s**t?
Why do you just walk away?
Do you know I’m the one that makes her go after you?
Do you know how much I care about you?
All I’m asking for is a little recognition,
I got the hint that you don’t care for me that way but give me some credit,
I’m trying really hard to be a good friend,
When she isn’t,
I just don’t get it,
Yet I’m doing the same thing,
I’m letting you treat me like crap,
And yet I’m mad that you do the same with her,
I laugh with you,
I share common interests,
I offer you help when you need it,
But you never seem to take it,
I know when you two are alone you talk,
You talk to her like I wish you would talk to me,
But she treats you horribly,
Yet you love her?
Why is that?
Why do we have that in common?
We both like people that treat us like we’re lower than dirt,
Maybe we’re twisted that way,
Sick and masochistic,
We care for those who don’t care for us,
It just happens to be that you like her and I like you,
She treats you horribly and you treat me horribly,
But I don’t get why you walk away,
Can’t you take it?
I can take it,
Am I just stronger because I have truly only hurt myself?
Am I stronger because when I fell for you,
I swallowed my heart and gave in to being just friends,
After I swore you were different,
And I would try my very best to make you my first,
Why do you walk away?
What makes it so hard for you to take her blows?
Is it because you know shes something you can’t have?
Shes that toy on the shelf your parents won’t let you have,
So you throw a tantrum until you get your way,
Well I hope your tantrum ends soon,
Whether you get your way or not,
I want you to accept what you get,
Because I’m giving you my all,
Please don’t be upset when I tell you,
You will never have her,
And you can no longer have me,
You can be the one alone and helpless,
Feel like me,
Feel the pain I’ve been put through my entire life,
And just know,
I loved you,
I still do,
I don’t want to,
So set me free,
Because you are an a**,
And I don’t need you.

yep, that was last nights, and i wrote more but no need to share them, they're all alike