this one was actually a couple days old...

I see you hanging over her,
I got the hint,
You like her,
I liked you,
Weird triangle huh?
You know she’s a b***h,
You should know I’d never hurt you,
I’m not jealous,
I’m not saying you shouldn’t be with her,
I want you to be happy,
And I know she can make you happy,
My problem is,
I can make you happy too,
She’s already attached,
You don’t care,
You won’t make a move,
But you still lust after her,
I’m not attached,
I wanted to be attached for a long time,
So you should know you’re special,
Because I chose you to lust after,
But you don’t see it that way,
I saw your face when I asked you,
Forgive the sound of my heart breaking,
It’s my fault I know,
I just went with my gut feeling,
But that’s not where your heart lies,
So I should have known,
And don’t worry,
You’re not the only one who has hurt me,
Not that I think you would worry,
I mean why should you?
I’m just that weird person in the background,
Kind of like the people walking on the street,
In those big time romantic movies,
The stars sharing a deep kiss in the rain,
And I just walk by unnoticed,
But that’s my life,
All this pain and stress is my fault,
So I’m sorry,
I’m sorry you like her,
I’m sorry you don’t know I’m here,
I’m sorry you don’t care,
But most of all,
I’m sorry I fell in love with you.

that ones kinda bitter sad, i wrote it at work cuz i was having an episode, but man, this kid is driving me crazy hence the next poem

and this isn't even 5 minutes old

Am I a disease?
Am I a plague?
What the hell am I?
What do you see me as?
Obviously something you don’t want a part of,
We have plenty in common,
We could be really great friends,
But you’re not even trying,
You don’t ask me if I want to hang out,
You don’t ask me to go with you when you don’t want to be alone,
You expressed positive feelings toward me once,
And negative all the rest,
Is it really that hard to give me a ******** chance?
I’m trying really hard here,
I’m like a big neon sign,
Saying lets be friends!!
You must be blind,
Or you just don’t care to see,
I know you meant to show me that you cared that one night,
But you never would have said anything if you hadn’t heard me when I was upset,
And that’s why I don’t say anything anymore,
Because I am testing you to see if you truly do care,
And I’m not gonna lie to you,
You are failing,
I know I know I know you like her,
Shes hot,
Shes cool
Shes apparently all that.
But you don’t have to be a d**k,
Treat me with a little respect please,
It was your idea to be friends,
And it was mine to be more,
But I was nice and went with your plan,
And I recall you saying how hard it is for a guy to accept being just friends,
Well let me tell you,
Its no picnic for a girl either,
But at least I’m giving it my all,
So why can’t you?
Not just with me,
But with her too,
You’re not trying,
And I don’t think you want to,
I can’t take all the “friendliness” you show her,
Should I become more like her so you can act like that to me?
Don’t shun me,
I am here,
I exist just like she does,
I’m a little more broken but that shouldn’t matter,
I’m still good,
At least that’s what I think,
I can breathe,
I can fake a smile and laugh,
Hell I am giving you a chance to know me,
I don’t do that for everyone,
I want to cry,
But no matter how hard I try,
Anything you’ve done to me,
It doesn’t bring a single tear,
So why do I feel like crap?
Why can I let you treat me like crap and be okay with it?
But I’m not okay with it,
Really I can’t stand it,
What more can you do to me?
There can’t be anything worse than what’s already going on,
I am so confused its beyond ridiculous,
I’m out of breath trying to keep up with your blows,
Why don’t you just pick a side,
Friends or not,
It would make it so much easier for me,
Not that you really owe me a kindness,
Forgive me for laughing at that little lie,
You owe me a lot,
But I won’t make you square that debt,
Because hey,
I’m a nice person,
Who knew right?
It’s amazing what you find out sitting less than a foot away from me,
Damn it all,
Just one tear,
I’m begging you,
Let me cry,
I’ll feel so much better,
Do me a solid,
Next time you happen to glance my way,
Ask yourself,
Is she okay?
Should I be a little nicer to her?
I wonder what she could be thinking?
You’re an amazing person,
You make me laugh,
You make me happy when you act like a goof,
But you crush me,
Why do you think I’m up so late typing my feelings?
Because the thoughts you cause will destroy me,
They may not allow me to cry,
But they’re ripping through me over and over,
I don’t even know how to end this,
There’s so much going on,
One tear,
Cutting down my dry cheek,
Thank you,
Thank you so much for finally allowing me to cry,
If not bawling,
Its at least one tear,
Fake or not its there,
Is this a turning point?
Can I finally start to give up and let go?
Probably not,
But I suppose it’s a good thing,
Maybe its in spite of you,
I’ll show you how to try,
I’ll show you how to be a friend to someone like me,
And maybe you’ll learn a little something,
Maybe you’ll learn that you can’t ******** break me,
I am here to stay,
So get used to it,
Because tomorrow,
I’ll see you again,
And be prepared,
Put up your fists if you’re going to fight it,
But I will be a friend,
Whether you want me or not,
I’m here,
The next step is yours,
Because I’m not going anywhere,
I’m stubborn and broken,
A deadly weapon,
So show me what you’ve got,
I’m ready,
Are you?

that last one is more of a rant than a poem but i couldn't stop typing, in word its 3 pages long and i probably could have gone 8 more...guh i really need my vacation comming up, maybe i can finally rest...(btw i don't think i mentioned that i'm going to florida for a week on the 18th with my family: mom, dad, sister 1 with hub and kids, brother with wife and kids and sister 2, yay or nay? dunno but as long as i get some me time it'll be good)