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The three beautiful moons shine over the world with much light. The first one, blue as a Sapphire closest to the world, the second, half way across the sky, white as snow gives off most of the light of the night. Lastly the red moon, far away and small compared to the other two.
The light reveals two creatures fighting ruthlessly at each other, Shadows of the night clawing at each other’s throat. One was a Wolf like creature, as tall as a pine tree same with the other but had web wings and fangs. Both in a vicious fight with death in their eyes.
“Lycanthrope demon will burn while I sip on your blood” the winged creature hissed from a claw into the shoulder.
“I will lick your bones dry when I’m done with you bloodsucker” The Lycan tackled the Vampire through a tree as it shrieks in agony, a tree branch ripped right through its neck. The Lycan shaped transformed into what seemed like a human. Dark red hair, pale skin with cuts all over shirtless and torn pants, Blue eyes watched the Vampire struggled as if suffocating. The Lycan grabbed a tree branch and shoved it through the chest of the enormous creature. It hissed and spit blood in the lycans face, then transformed into a human being held off the ground by a tree branch through the neck. Dark hair and black eyes, souless. The Lycan smiled at his kill and howled, seven smaller Lycans jumped out of the bushes all around and transformed into all their human forms.
“nice kill Vear” a small blonde female said while closely observing the dead Vampire. “do you know what Clan this one was from?”
Vear walked to the Vampire and looked at his scar from being first bit, a Crescent moon was carved above the Vampire bite.
“ He was part of the Crescent Moons Children, was an elite, Very hard to kill.”
the blonde female observed the dead vampire more closley.
"is this clan from the city?"
"no they are a mountanous vampire group that live at the top of Tralist Mountains, in the cave system.

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