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Chapter one
the Gods watch

humanoid like creatures gather together, twilight blue skinned and resembles reptilians, all have red glowing eyes, dressed in cloaks and leather armor. all disorderly packing things from the home caves and oddly shaped houses made from the formations of the mountain. all grabbing weapons and preparing for an invasion. one stood on a small mountain that was created into a tower by them, he took off his hood and revealed himself and silver eyes. night fall as started and the sun was setting behind the tower, snowflakes fall gracefully and thick like feathers falling from the sky.
the view in-which the one stood, watched over the entire region, the sky was painted with warm colors, fading out in navy blue and black. he took in the view in a deep breath, then starting to speak in its native language. translating.....

"We are the last of our kind" his voice echoed through the valley.
"Tragedy has come to Tartarus in-search of an Artifact that leads to great power. in-which our species was chosen to protect by the Creators."

the entire city was quiet listening to the one.
"A shadow that started to plaque this region. our scouts reported that the only High elf city was burned to the ground was the fortress for the Ancient Library of Thoth.
I, Darish, been with you for so long, lead you all through countless victories in the past, freed you all from tyranny, and kept our whereabouts secret ever since we where bestowed the responsibility hundreds of years ago. I fear this might be our last night. as you all might have heard, we lost contact with our colonies, it is true. we are the last of our kind, we have no where to go."
Darish focused his attention on the sky.
"I prayed to the gods for help, no answer. the only allies we had where the High Elves, they are now..no more" he choked.
his chrome gaze returned to his people below with confidence.
"pick up arms, use our Ancient technique to fight this...plaque that has infested our land. there might be few of us, but we are the most skilled and more wise. there is a reason we where chosen by the Creators and its time to remind the world."
fear started to fade from the red eyes of the Raptisiar and replaced with courage and inspiration.
"I know a good amount of us might die, if we die..we die for something more then a battle, we die for our own existence as a species. we are the last. our blood will be lost in History but their blood will stain the battlefield, they will always remember our species and our true potential when backed into a corner. They will always remember the Raptisiar" his voice faded with a hiss a long with a huge gust of wind and the roar and cheer of the hundreds of Raptisiar that surrounded the tower.
the once terrified and weak looking race glowed with power and and new glow.
they communicated and where more alive.
Darish Stepped down, behind him was dressed similar to himself and also had silver eyes.
"Amazing speech Master, you returned hope to their eyes. the reports say that the Invasion force is close to seven thousands and still counting.
"they must of learned of what we've been protecting through Veit'el...that is the only thing that can explain such excessive force."
"its going to be the end isn't it?" fear exhaled from his lungs.
"Veloco, listen to me. no matter what happens, take this" Darish digged his claws into his wrist grabbing what looked like a bone beneath skin, but a bright royal blue key he pulled out.
"this is to what they want, There is a device given to me by a human friend that can allow you to warp to a programed location."
"I dont want to be the one to leave, i want to to stay, i want to fight" his voice rough.
"dont put that burden on me"
"you have no choice, i have to lead them to battle for absolute everything. to a enemy never been seen before."
"you have to continue our legacy and continue protecting what we vowed to protect." Darish put his hand on Velocos shoulder.
"the rest of our race is with you now, our teachings."
"there is so much more you must teach me.."
"there is more that you can learn on your own."
Horns Start echoing through the Valley from the scouts.
"they're coming, go Veloco to the bottom of this tower there is the device. i have t go and begin this."
Darish made his way through the narrow passages of the tower till the opening to the Raptisiar who awaited him.
dozens come to him and ask what to do, Darish explain a few things over again and pointed to nearby Vally.
"this is the heart, our fortitude, last resort. retreat every time you feel completely overwhelmed. untill then, fight."
"Masters, come with me."
fourteen different color robed Raptisiar made their way through the crow to Darish.
"we can shaped the world around us, when the time comes when your enemy feels confident use ALL of what you got then try to retreat back a little bit, we are going wait for first wave, have Fire master and his students to shoot as many fire and if you can work with Earth master and create a lava like attack along with flaming boulders"

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