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Three beautiful moons hanging over the entire world like a giant mobile. Two were lightly blue and crescent-shaped. As for the third, a full red moon that seem to watch the world below with a red reflection from the sun, revealing a man running into the forest in search of something or someone.

His black clothing was dirty and torn except for the silver feathers that lined his collar from earlier battles. His face had dirt and ash and showed how his travel has been taking its toll.
A giant, single-bladed sword stretched about five feet in his right hand, almost being dragged along while running. His eyes were searching on the ground, spotting boot tracks following them deeper into the forest for miles. Knowing as soon as he entered the forest, he was in Elven territory. He knew that despite there being no Elves in sight, there were patrols to keep the Orcs from raiding the forest. Oddly enough, there was only one set of tracks.

Finally, after coming to a cliff revealing a view of a valley with a enormous Elven city in flames setting atop seven, connected, beautiful waterfalls, awe and sudden despair fell upon his face as he stopped on the very edge to watch the entire city burn . His hazel eyes and short brown hair reflected the shine of the fire as well did the sky, a once beautiful home and capitol of the United Gemini Elven. 'Veitel' was now burning to the ground. With everything in flames, even the water seemed to be on fire. Flaming bodies fell over the waterfall like drops of fire into the valley below.

"The rumors are true," he muttered to himself with in a raspy voice from not sleeping in days.

"Yes, it has started," a voice said behind the man. "Swind, you are about to see who I've been working for, no man, no demon. A being that is the same."

A chill hugged Swind's spine, and he jerked around suddenly to find what he has been looking for. "Seved Draftill, I've come for you and to bring you in alive. The bounty on your head has tripled since the last time we've met."

A smirk spread across Seved's face. His clothes were clean and a luxurious, dark green. He pulled out a long rapier that seem to stretch seven feet to a thin needle point.

"That was only two days ago. A week from now, it might even go ten times. If you wait, it might be a great investment," he said with a laugh

"What has happened here to Veit'el?"

"The fall of Veit'el is the beginning of the end, Swind," he said grinning. "The world is about to see what it's like in the dark, and they couldn't of done it without me."

"Who are you talking about? You know what? F*ck this, I'm claiming the bounty on you and will torture the answers out of you. I've chased you for far too long."

Swind aimed his blade at Seved and grasped the handle with both his hands. The smoke from the city burning clouded the night sky and started to fog around Swind and Seved. Screams echoed in the distance from the Elves dying in the fire.

Seved stepped back into the smoke and faded away. Swind charged in, but it seemed that Seved disappeared, his right arm locked up and found the point of a shiny metal object coming out of his shoulder. A pain jolted through his entire body the moment Swind realized what had happened.

Seved had side-stepped and pierced through Swind's shoulder blade. A victorious laugh came from him. Annoyed and frustrated, Swind used the rest of his strength to swing his giant sword horizontally behind him and used its weight to counter Seved while his rapier was still through his shoulder.

The back of the blade caught Seved, blindsided him, and knocked him instantly out. and He skid across the ground like a rag doll.

Still, with the sword in his shoulder, Swind fell to his knees his shoulder numb from the pain and adrenaline. His warm blood trickled down his chest. Finally, after so long, he had caught his bounty: the most wanted man in Undre'dor. War-crimes, assassinations, treason, rape, murder, conspiracy, theft, and many more were his crimes.

"You are worth two hundred and fifty diamonds, Seved. Zalistine themselves want to pay it, our home city and Kingdom. You will have me set for life. No more mercenary work. All this struggle is no more!"

His laughs echoed while the night sky look like day from the fire reflecting off the smoke in the sky. The screams fell silent and the fire burned just as bright as though it was fueling it besides the buildings themselves.

"Veit'el is destroyed; the rumors are true. Darkness has come to Tartarus."

After resting for a moment, he stood up and reached around himself to pull the blade out, the very point had a ridged bump to hook on when piercing. Swind grit down on his teeth while he ripped out the rest of the blade cracking some in the process trying not to scream in pain. He threw the Rapier blade down and pulled his hog cuffs, four ring cuff for ankles and wrists. He cuffed Seved and picked him up.

"We'll be back to Zalistine in a few days. I might have to carry your a**, but don't give me a hustle or else I'll cut your fingers off," he said to Seved while Seved was still unconscious ,and limped into the forest fading into the darkness.

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