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Let the vibration ring in your head, like a bell ringing in the ocean,
Where only the sensitive can hear.
The Lion and the Sun:

A man walks to the the white mage
He asks"what is that story in your hand"
The mage replies" something hard to understand"
"You see I read of the lion who ate the sun,
I'm wondering if he did it for fun,
You see In the dark he now lies
Close to the edge and doesn't realize
One step over and..
The lion knew the risk when he ate the star
Just to see If he could go far
For it burns a light that he now can't see
Deep within he"
The man pondered on the mage
While he turns another page
" There is a good part in the story"
The mage continues" and I don't want to reach the end. It talks of a eagle coming to the Lions aid
But sadly in the dark the eagle will fade. The serpents that fabricate reality watches the lion from the the Aether sea
For the sun is the true reality
Many pages of many ventures of the lion and the dark
I don't want to reach the end cause it might restart.
The lion and sun"
The man asks the mage
As he turns another page.
"It doesn't tell you why the lion ate the light?"
"It doesn't tell you about the abyss and the night?"
"You see" the mage replies
With no doubt it isn't lies.
"The lion lost all it's friends to the twilight. Amongst the forever night..
he clutches to his heart and he cant breathe
Even though he fallen to his knees. The world ls a lonely place for those who can't see.
Cause it's like being alone in the Galaxy."
The mage fell silent as the man started to speak.
"So where does the story of the lion begins.
Back when the lion had all his friends.?"
Mage replies softly with gentleness in his voice.
"When the lion made the choice...
Take on the abyss and a dark alone without realizing the fight that he'll atone
Lost his voice and and the darkness covers his eyes
But his ears are open to those who's life they despise...
He would say.. " as the mage mimics the voice of the beast
He was trying at least.
"Let me hear of the pain in your soul
Give it to me and I'll pay the toll. I feel what chains you to the ground, I feel the pain that keeps you down.
Give it to me
And I'll break your binds,
And please take my light and clear your minds."
The mage finished and the man still confused.
"Why does the lion want the abuse?"
"You see...
He feels the tragedy of the world of all that'll be
His humanity.
It almost too much. But with a calm mind and a deep breath.
He avoids a very dark death.
A fight everyday
Just so he can make his way..
Oh, sun I hope there is no eclipse cause without the sun.
The world is a cold place
And without the sun
The dark is what we face.
For the lion ate the sun, to bring it to humanity.
I guess I see.
Cause horned snakes on another vibration.
Have come to steal the sun I read.
To take away salvation.
So the lion ate the sun to save it from damnation."
"Where is the lion now? Ask the man preparing for another verse.
Mage hesitantly replies.
"Traveling alone the universe"
The mage comes to the story's end
And sadness isn't something he is going to pretend
Alone he stands with only a raven listening
The man must of left when his heart started blistering
The raven listens not far from the mage
As he turns another page.
Still telling the story of the lion and the sun.
For the world itself has ears.
And in the story it speaks of its fears.
"deep in the dark abyss
The lion wonders lost in the primordial mist.
His heart burns with the star
And he feels so ever so far
It was deep in the sea of his energy
Hidden away from the universe to see
The depths ever so deep
Only way to bring lion to sleep
But now the energy is free
For the universe to see
breathes as the light takes surface
Even though it wasn't the right place
The darkness in light
Blinding in fright
Shocking the Lion
Indeed he was dying.
But in return a fire of life blaze
A flower of fire that last eternal days
The lion 'came fire
Indeed it was quit dire"
The mage looks to a tadpool In a puddle that turned frog.
Actually it was in a little bog
And then gave a delightful grin
At the nearby raven
For the story has come to a end.
The mage clasps the book
Took a deep breath and around he looks
The bird flew to the skies
As the moon becomes sun's disguise
The day is in the distance between the dark and stars glistening.
And all that's left is the frog listening.

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