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as Velocos' blade peirced through the chest of his master, his master bodies slid down to the hilt of the katana like sword. eyes to eyes with his old pupil. he grined with thick blood on is teeth overflowing his lips from his lungs being pierced. with his last breath he uttered
"im proud of you" in their native language. Darish's body falls stiff on the ground, lifeless again in the eyes of Veloco. the body slowly disintegrates, the cheer of thousands of gods echo through the entire coliseum.
anger, range, and agony falls upon Veloco fell on his knees as he can still see the blood of his master on his blade. forced to kill him in entertainment of the gods and it was all Anubis's fault.
in this Coliseum all the most powerful warriors in the universe come here dead or alive in choice by the gods. Anubis brought back his master from the underworld just to see the fight between the two, and to see Veloco in despair, for the memory of his master dying twice.
Veloco stood up while the cheers still echoed the golden arena. the sunlight was at its peak and the heat of the immortal realm started to set.
Veloco pointed his blade towards Anubis hidden in the stands of the colisium. the cheers stopped.
"I the mortal Veloco challenge Immortal Anubis!" he bellows with so much hate challenging the god.
Odin, Horus, Quetzalcoatl, Zues and many more well respected Immortals turned to Anubis, it would be dishonorable to say the lease to decline the challenge of a mortal to a fight to the death.
Hermes jets over to Anubis with the flutter of his sandals.
"so jackel, you going to face the mortal? or you going to be a disgrace"
Anubis shooed off Hermes and gave a toothy grin that could be seen from where Veloco was standing.
"I accept" he chuckled as he stood up with over confidence, after a few moments he made his way down a stair set that lead to the open arena.
he stood across from Veloco standing eight feet tall while Veloco in his mortal form stood only six.
"I'll guide your soul to the underworld, lets make this quick" he growls with a quick motion of his right hand a giant sickled scythe formed leaving a green undead steam.

the air turned petrified while all watched to see who would make the first move. the well respected immortals started to take bets on how long Veloco would last, while Odin bets against them.
it seemed like forever for every second. Veloco stood there, ready to exact all his revenge on Anubis, to put all his anger towards the gods into this fight, to kill an immortal. how is one to do that..
Veloco grinned as he stares into the yellow eyes of Anubis. his weak form isnt going to cut it at all in this fight. Veloco stomped his left foot and his flesh and body started molding.
Anubis smiled revealing large canines.
"take your time transforming back to normal Veloco, i want you to atleast put up a fight" Anubis's voice boomed tauntingly.
after a couple of moments Veloco stood in his normal form only a foot smaller then Anubis. standing as the Last of his race, his skin twilight blue and resembles that of a reptilians, a darker blue fur ran down his spine from top of his head. his clothes ragged to only shredded pants and his shoes where replaced with clawed feet, one of the claws a large sickle.
his face, a slight snout with two canines showing, hardened and ready to fight.
"You know Veloco" Anubis warns "you can step down right now, and no one will judge your mortal soul except me."
Veloco cut into his arm and muttered a chant real quick, his blood formed into a large single edged sword seems to be held with two hands but he only holds it with his left hand. the blade shined a burgundy tint .
"You wouldn't" Anubis's expression changed
Veloco then feels deep into his soul and exhales chanting a similar chant
out of his breath a blue smoke exhaled towards his right hand. a sword similar to the red formed with a sky blue tint.
"it is true, you have found a couple of the forbidden blades" Anubis still confidences boomed in his voice.
"but that doesn't make you a god!" Anubis roars while going in for the first Strike his scythe cutting straight forward aimed directly at Veloco's head while he was off his defense.
with he reflexes barly saving him, Veloco almost didnt know the fight started how fast Anubis attacked, he wasn't finished preparing his final stand, five fights in the arena and the last is a god. this is the true test if the prophecy is real. so ready for death Veloco is but never is he willing to give up.
Veloco with every bit of energy he had in himself threw both his swords together side by side, a blue redish light burst and left behind a sword of equal size but style entirely different. sleek and double edged. redish blue tint seems to glow from it making the aura violet and Veloco held it with two hands.
both with the Soul Sword and the Blood Blade, he'd be able to gain the strength of more then a gods and the ability to use his abilities with infinite energy as long as his soul is able to fuel it. more then even grounds, just above sea level.
Anubis goes in for another Attack, Veloco quickly dodges and counters stabbing his sword straight into the gut of Anubis, Anubis used his Gauntlet and slapped the blade down, then with his Scythe in the other Hand he cuts down trying to decapitate Veloco, Veloco easily ducks but didnt see as Anubis drops down and kicks his Legs out from under him.
As he hits the ground , Anubis grabs him by his legs and started just slamming Veloco into the ground over and over again, creating a large crater by the hit, then finally Anubis throws Veloco in the air to try to finish him with his Sythe, Veloco recovered in the air and while falling down he starts waving his sword and chanting a few undistinguished words. Veloco swings his sword right before Anubis's scythe is able to reach him. A giant colorful blast exploded forward hitting directly on Anubis and a giant cloud of dust clouded the Arena, gasps and awes filled the stands.

a giant glowing light pierced through the dusty mist followed behind a gust clearing the feild, Veloco seen flying through the air as though he just took a massive hit and slams across the arena on the opposite wall, falling forward hitting the ground.

Anubis unscratched casually walks across the arena taking his time walking up to Veloco as he lays there. Veloco lifeless doesn't even twitch till Anubis came within any type of distance.
"so weak Veloco, and youre supposed to the one to die at Armageddon and prevent judgement day, it seems i'll be your judgem.." Veloco grabs Anubis by the legs and rips him down. he focuses on Anubis right leg using the Souls Blood Sword as Leverage to try to break the Immortals leg if it was possible, using what strength he could muster to keep the deity pinned. Veloco was never one for grappling but After learning some moves from the ox tribe he knew surprises could turn tides..maybe.
Anubis bellowed a howl from the surprise of pain that he hasn't felt since the Immortal War. He clawed his way to the back of Veloco's neck and grabbed him with his gauntlet left hand, with all his might Veloco tried to stay latched on to Anubis's right leg.
'break ******** break' Veloco screamed in his mind, while he finally couldn't hold on and thrown down now Anubis above him. he tried to swing the sword but his right hand that held the sword was pinned down by Anubis right foot ironically.
he stares down at Veloco with yellow glowing eyes. he starts to kick Veloco viciously and stomping down on him.
Veloco used all he could to endure the pain, soon he'll get a moment, just endure, just endure.
a slight break in the kicking and Veloco grabbed Anubis's left food with is left hand just before it hit his face.
Anubis looked a bit surprised and tried to kick away from Veloco but Veloco held on.
a green fire burst out of Veloco's hands, doing what he can to try to fry Anubis with his Sacred Flame.
Anubis finally let Veloco free and he took Advantage to gain his distance from the Immortal still continuously projecting the sacred flame on Anubis.
Anubis started to spin his Scythe like a fan and the fire started to come right back At Veloco. still Veloco put his efforts into dousing this flame on Anubis, to at least keep the distance. he hasn't even seen Anubis use his Magic Abilities yet.
with one final burst giving off a even more massive flame, Veloco used it as cover to come up to Anubis with his sword trying with great speed to get behind him.
as Anubis finished the last of the sacred flame, there was no Veloco in sight, as he realized where Veloco was he threw his Scythe behind him still spinning it like a fan stopping Veloco in his tracks from attacking.
Veloco stood there frustrated and entirely beaten up.
Anubis turned around with a huge toothy smile.
"having a hard time? did you expect anything less"
he goes in for another strike at Anubis, but it just deflects off the spinning Scythe.
he goes in for another strike at Anubis, but it just deflects off the spinning Scythe.
get goes for another and another, then rapidly striking the fanned defense with phenomenal speed. Veloco finally pierced through the fan nicking Anubis's Abdominal area before the fan caught the blade and threw Veloco back.
Anubis stopped the Fan defense to hold his gut. a flowing blue scratch Anubis try to hide underneath his left hand glaring at Veloco who returned with a smile.
Anubis stopped the Fan defense to hold his gut. a flowing blue scratch Anubis try to hide underneath his left hand glaring at Veloco who mockingly returned with the smile Anubis just gave him.
"dont Mock me mortal!" Anubus bellowed as a green mist starts to radiate a green mist, a aura of Anubis's energy. Veloco with both hands on his Sword darted forward striking Vertically, Anubis quickly blocked it with his Scythe and grabbed onto Veloco with his left gauntlet hand.
Veloco instantly felt a drag in his energy, the infinite energy he had with the blade is somehow depleting, his soul....
Anubis pulled Veloco with the gauntlet and a blue outline of his armed was getting yanked. Anubis was trying to pull his soul.
Veloco kicked his foot down to retain his energy and pulled his soul right back while his blade still remaining locked with Anubis's
Veloco can feel his power, feeling a burst of energy after regaining his soul. he pushes forward forcing Anubis to slide a few feet back. Anubis growled and pushed back, with his free hand he goes to punch Veloco aiming for his face.
Veloco removes his left hand from the Swords hilt and blocks the punch quickly returning with the same hand plunging his fist into Anubis's gut where the glowing scratch is. Anubis quickly retaliated with a jab to Veloco's face knocking him back and unlocking their weapons.
Veloco held his free hand to his for head then pointed forward instantly shooting a giant bolt of lightening. Anbus caught the massive bolt of electricity spinning around using the momentum to redirect it back at Veloco. Veloco held his sword out and took the lightning bolt almost like absorbing it. the impact at the hilt of the blade did burn Veloco's palms but at this point he isn't feeling much pain anymore.
staring directly at Anubis almost exausted, it seems that the Souls Blood Sword is starting to take its toll and feeding off his soul.
"you can give up now, i see the toll your weapon is taking on you." Anubis chuckled
Veloco didnt say a word, just stood there, thinking if he should reveal his secret. the only thing he really has hidden from the gods. the fact that Veloco has had contact with a Creator of the universe

Set sits back with Eris holding on to his jet black lightly fur arm. a relaxing comfortable smile seems to hold itself on his snout. this is great, seeing the beginning of his marvelous plan. not even Hades,Xolotl,or even Osiris could even foresee Sets true plans... watching the mortal who is supposedly to stop judgement day get beaten down by an Immortal. it angers Set so that they have to rely on a Mortal to stop the end of the universe. no, the mortals are to dirty and beneath Immortal blood. Set glances over to Eris who was watching intently on the fight.her hair shines golden and looks would dare oppose that of Aphrodite. without Eris, non of this could happen. Set felt like things where falling into place, all that is left is the mortal Veloco, once Anubis kills Veloco. it would prove not just to Apollo but to Odin, Ra, Zues and the rest of the Immortal Counsel that they themselves can prevent judgement day not have to put it in the hands of the mortals, though secretly Set plans to take control of the Immortal Realm for himself to rule.

Veloco could feel his energy drain, he started to devise a plan, if he was to land just one full blow on Anubis with his Souls Blood Sword he'd be able to leech off some Immortal soul energy and possibly be able to last the rest of the fight.
Anubis yet did not hesitate to attack again, with unwatchable speed Anubis Appeared only feet infront of him, swinging the Scythe with full force, Veloco barely had enough time to react and pulled his sword infront to block taking the impact,dust kicking in the air from such strength, throwing him off his feet.
Anubis kicked Veloco in the stomach in the air then hit him to to ground instantly, blood erupted out of his mouth upon impact and all Veloco started to see was a haze.
Anubis goes in again for the final kill with his scythe to decapitate Veloco, he rolls over to for Anubis to miss and slices Anubis calf with the Sword, seeping the Immortals soul, while leaving behind a large royal blue glowing cut. Anubis growls while dragging the blade of this Scythe through ground trying to cut Veloco while he rolls. Veloco rolls to a jump onto his feet, trying to gain distance with his new found energy,so much energy, just a drop of a soul from the Immortal Veloco felt as though he started all over again, not this fight, but before he entered the arena. even though he looked beaten ed, blood covered and bruised. now standing in a different fighting position, holding the large sword with his right hand over his head while his left was in front with his outwards towards Anubis. Anubis held out his left hand with the gauntlet with his palm facing Veloco and a giant burst of green energy shoots like a rocket at Veloco, Veloco returns fire with the multi colored orb, both energy balls collide with each other with a massive explosion shaking the realm. Anubis charges Veloco with rage in his expression and in his velocity. he swings his Scythe vertically piercing through the smoke and dust, Veloco catches the end and dances around the Sickle swinging his Sword upward countering Anubis.
Anubis with sharp reflexes Catches Veloco's blade before it hits him in the chest. he disappears and reappears twenty feet away from Veloco. using his magic to get away. then started to Flicker all over the Arena, trying to Confuse Veloco.
He snickered to himself, finally forced Anubis to start actually using his magic. this fight just got alot tougher....bring it.
Appeared behind Veloco trying to strike at his ribs, but Veloco remarkably flipped his sword behind to block, and swings his arms throwing a huge green flame in counter but Anubis already disappeared then reappeared behind the other side of Veloco. Veloco already Anticipated on Anubis doing so and was already kicking behind him where he knew Anubis's gut would be. Anubis took the blow directly sliding backing with his breath knocked out of him which followed a growl. Anubis shot a burst of three green energy waves and literally grabbed the shadows and casted them around Veloco as if they where a solid. grabbing him by his Ankle. Veloco shined a burst of light out of his palms that cut the shadows like a ribbon but while doing so he didnt see Anubis rise out of the shadows behind him, elbowing him in the temple sending him flying across the arena like rock skipping on water.
the pain the hit Veloco finally caught up to him and he was stunned but still awake..this cant be it..he can hear it...the chant
'determus ust sada ,sada ust determus' angelic voices starts to ring in Veloco's head
'death is life, life is dead'
Veloco laid there lifeless, his bones crushed. he knows he cant control whats about to happen. only once before under the blind eye of the gods.
'Qu unt Sov' demonic voices start to chant
Anubis readies his Scythe while quickly making his way to kill Veloco before he had a chance to recover from the stun. right before Anubis does a heavy swing, Veloco mutters under his breath "Oge' u'm Veloco"
a blinding light burst from Veloco's beaten body and blinds the entire arena, and brightens the entire realm.

Odin stands up instantly followed by the entire crowd gods like a wave through the stands of the giant golden arena. a deep and tense silent has fallen upon the Immortal realm as all watch to see a avatar of the Creators laying on the ground.
the twilight skin Veloco once had has changed to a jungle green with a twilight blue hue. his entire form physically changed to something that looks like a large dragon. two horn like frills on the top of his head then follow down his spine and long neck replacing the dark twilight blue he once had. Veloco's entire form grew a couple feet larger, when standing up he stood a foot taller then Anubis. extremely large wings expanded from his back that easily doubled his height. a slight blurry aura surrounded his body, revealing how much stress it is causing to the realm.
"you have met a Creator?!" Anubis confused steps back.
Veloco stood there, embracing the raw feeling of being...Immortal. everything around him illuminated in his eyes, he could see the depth of the dimension. he could manipulate it, to make fire into wind, earth into sea.
Anubis stood there debating if he should attack or go into the defensive.
Veloco took only a second to feel his physical form. to feel wings he never had. breathe the Immortal breath. his Souls Blood Sword still in his grasp. he looks up with changed yellow eyes set on Anubis. Veloco didn't want to say nothing, no. its time to finish this and face judgement.
he disappeared reappearing behind Anubis, Anubis with amazing reflexes turned to block Veloco's attack with his gauntlet. eye to eye, Anubis growls while trying to shove Veloco back, Veloco shoves back and throws Anubis back off his feet, Veloco with much speed jumps onto Anubis's stomach and forces Anubis into the ground creating a colossal impact indent in the ground causing the ground the rip through the arena. Anubis kicked Veloco off him with all of his might forcing Veloco into twenty feet in the air, Veloco Caught himself with his wings creating the air around him from his wings to lightning and fire bursting hurls at Anubis like a giant flaming cloud of energy. Anubis hops onto his feet just in time to catch all of that energy and redirects it back at Veloco with a slight struggle.
Veloco Absorbs the mass with his blade condensing the energy and with a swing of his sword a small yellow energy wave slides through the air towards Anubis like a ball of water. Anubis holds the palm of his left gauntlet hand to try to do the same thing. Veloco appeared behind Anubis to again go for a strike.
Anubis used his scythe to stop Veloco's blade while using his left hand to catch the energy wave.
frustration and shock Veloco felt in his chest, with almost everything Anubis still is able to fend of everything Veloco could throw at him, but this is a new fight.
While Anubis defended himself from the energy wave, Veloco could see a opening in his ribs. with his left hand Veloco held his palm to Anubis and unleashed a storm of green electricity burying away on Anubis's right side. a burst of green energy from Anubis's foundation surrounded him forcing Veloco to jump back and create distance between the two.

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