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Story of a Stranger
When things start to hit you hard all at once, you begin drifting further and further from your self. You become a stranger.
Where It All Began
I was home-schooled. My parents had been raised going to public schools. They believed there were too many dangers in public school. They felt it would be better to home-school their children to protect them from all the evil the world could throw at them. They believed their children would grow up smarter, better, more mature.


I suppose that would be the case if your parents actually taught you anything,, instead of leaving you to learn on your own.

My sister, Tricia*, she lived up to their every expectation. She was beautiful, smart, a magnificent artist... She was perfect in every way. My parents were always so proud of her.

My brother, Kade*, was a difficult child. He caused frequent fist fights and arguments and basically causing this atmosphere of violence and chaos, but he was also smart like Tricia.He was athletic, and handsome in an odd sort of way.

My youngest brother, Dallin*, was funny, and adorable. He had these amazing acting skills and could twist anyone around his finger.

Then there was me. Rhiannon. Second born child, and total failure in my parents eyes. I wasn't smart enough, pretty enough, talented enough... I came as a second to every sibling. My parents were constantly disappointed in me because I wasn't successful like my brothers and sister.

Left to our own means, my siblings and I were meant to educate ourselves. Basically teach ourselves everything every other child was learning in school. My sister was dedicated and face every challenge thrown at her. Even seeking some out. My brothers treated it as a sort of competition, always racing to see who could learn what first.

I was a slacker. I let my imagination take over everything. I would read fantasy stories instead of working on math. I would daydream and draw pictures all over every piece of paper I could find. I would do anything and everything that wasn't homework. As a result, I was far behind my sister and younger brothers. My parents would yell at me to do my work or would try and spank the sense into me. I tried, of course, I tried hard to please them. To earn praise or approval.

Nothing worked.

I was lost in a fantasy land.

*Names changed for privacy reasons. My name is the only one I haven't changed.

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