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Story of a Stranger
When things start to hit you hard all at once, you begin drifting further and further from your self. You become a stranger.
Sometime in May I went to a dance. One hosted by my church. Usually I brought all my friends along to events like this, but this time, only my friends Ashly and Shannon could come. We danced around like lunatics the whole night.

Towards the middle of the dance, a guy came up to me and asked me to dance during a slow song. His name was Preston. He was a few inches taller than I was, had black hair, and dark eyes. He wore all black, which made him look extremely pale and mysterious. He had a charming personality and enjoyed talking, even though I was shy and quiet.

Near the end of the dance, another slow song played and Preston again asked me to dance. This time I talked a little bit more. He stayed with me and my friends even after the song ended and we hung out until the dance ended. We exchanged phone numbers, and he promised he'd call me sometime.

The next morning, I was woken up at 6:00 by Preston calling me. We talked on the phone for a bit, just about random things, and then he had to go. For the next couple of days he called me at least twice a day. On Tuesday he asked me out on a date. I accepted and got permission from my parents right away. We decided on going to see a movie and then pizza afterwards. I gave him my mom's phone number so his parents could call her if they needed to.

A couple days later, he calls me and tells me he doesn't have any money. Nice person that I am, I offer to pay for his theater ticket. By the end of the phone call I had agreed to pay for the entire date, and even drive all the way to him instead of meeting half way. (He lived an hour away.) I decided not to tell my parents that I would be the one paying, just in case they decided I couldn't go after all. I was really starting to like this kid. Plus I was excited to finally be having a first date.

A week passed. Only one week left until our planned day. He calls me up on a Monday morning. I find out he hasn't even asked his parents yet. Every day for the next week I remind him to ask them. If he didn't soon, they wouldn't let him go.

Aside from reminding him over and over to talk to his parents, our conversations mostly revolved around how much he liked me and that he couldn't wait for our date because we could make out in the dark theater the whole time. I had no intentions of letting that happen though, since I had just met the guy. I really didn't want him to be my first kiss either.

Saturday finally arrived. I called him up about two hours before we were supposed to meet, just to make sure we were still on. He tells me he still hadn't asked his parents, and by now he was sure they'd say no. In other words, he was cancelling on me. I told him I was gonna make other plans for that night with some other friends. He said that was fine and maybe we could plan another date.

I called up a few friends and we planned a girls night out. We planned on a theater close to all of us, and decided to meet at Pat and Oscars for dinner beforehand. I decided I wasn't going to plan another date with Preston after all. Obviously I wasn't worth his time. I figured I'd have more fun with Ashly and Shannon than with him anyway.

An hour later, one hour before we were supposed to meet, Preston calls me up and tells me he had talked to his parents. Turns out he could go after all. I explained that I already had other plans now. He blew up. For the next ten minutes he yelled at me, calling me stupid for making other plans when we already had a date. Then he started cussing me out and saying he wished he never made plans with such an idiot in the first place. I hung up on him.

I sent him a message on facebook telling him how upset I was that he had cancelled on me in the first place, and how I never wanted to talk to him again. Then I unfriended him. He replied to the message asking why and went on and on about how sorry he was and that he didn't want to lose me.

When I didn't answer, he tried calling me. I ignored the calls. He tried five times before I finally had my parents block his number. Then he tried calling me from his house phone. I had that number blocked too. So he tried calling my mom's phone. She ignored him and he gave up.

A few minutes later I get another message from him on facebook. This one contained a lot of vulgar language and said how it wasn't his fault I was being such a b***h. I forwarded the message to my parents so they could handle the situation. I didn't want to deal with him anymore.

He had impregnated his last girlfriend anyway. His first priority was to her and that baby unless and until she decided to give it up. He had no business trying to date me anyway. I had no regrets.

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