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Story of a Stranger
When things start to hit you hard all at once, you begin drifting further and further from your self. You become a stranger.
Moving Out
I knew I would be moving around the end of June. All my friends knew it. We decided we needed to hang out more before I actually left. I planned parties, get togethers, and other assorted events that everyone could come to. Usually out of the fifty or so people I invited, only four actually put forth the effort to come. Everyone else was either too far away, didn't have time, already had plans, or just didn't feel like going.

The weeks slowly passed. Pretty soon it got to the point where I was so busy packing, I just couldn't hang out anymore. Now I couldn't see anyone because I didn't have time. They all got mad at me. Somehow it was my fault that I was moving away. Somehow, even after all the times I tried to see them, it was my fault they couldn't see me even once before I moved.

I decided then that I wouldn't care. Obviously I wasn't worth their time, so why should they be worth mine? I stopped getting on Facebook, I stopped answering texts and phone calls. I cut myself off from them entirely.

I missed them so much after that. I needed people outside of my family to stay sane. The next two weeks before we left were made up of constant fighting and arguing, parents freaking out because we were running out of time, and my sister crying every night because she was never going to see her boyfriend again.

I was constantly on my toes jumping around from task to task, doing everything I could to help the family stay focused and calm down. Mom was constantly behind me telling me I wasn't doing enough. If I ever showed that I was upset for even a second, she would get on my case about how everyone else had more to worry about. I was just getting in the way. I was so lazy. I was so useless.

I blamed her behavior on the fact that everyone was stressed out. We had so much left to do. There was so many things unpacked, so many things we had to get rid of because the truck couldn't hold it all, and we still hadn't found a home for our dogs. In the end we had to bring them all the way to Texas with us because my mom refused to put them in a shelter.

Finally it came down to crunch time. We were moving out that night regardless of what was packed or not. We ended up leaving a lot of furniture and books behind.

We left around midnight between Wednesday and Thursday and drove until 6:00 in the morning. We had made it to the border of California and Arizona. We spent a few hours and got a much needed sleep in a cheap motel in Blythe. Around noon we packed everyone into the car or the truck and were on the road again. Midnight that night we stopped at a nicer hotel and spent the night in Casa Grande, Arizona.

The next day we continued down the I-10 passing through to New Mexico. We went to visit my grandmother for a couple of hours, then spent the night in Deming. Next day we got up and drove straight on to Texas. By the time we reached El Paso, we were only about halfway to our destination. We spent Saturday night in Fort Stockton. Next day we drove the rest of the way to Austin. We found a hotel and spent a couple days there. We had made it. Everyone was tired, but we were finally done driving for a while.

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