• It was hard being a teenage boy and it was harder after what happened to me. I think I’m getting a head of myself though. So, let me start from the beginning.
    I went out for a cool winter walk though the park. The moonlight was bright and gorges. The wind blew gently against my body, the breeze felt pleasant. I came to a stop in the middle of the park, as the trees rusted in the wind and bats flew over my head. As I watched my favorite creatures fly over my head, a shadow came over me. I was spooked because I was alone, at night, in a park I felt confident to turn around. I slow turned around and as I did I saw a teenage girl. She had black hair just like mine, but it was long she also wore black make up and black outfit. She was so beautiful standing in the moonlight like that. She pulled me into her grasp and pulled me close to her, I didn’t know what to do, and she kissed me on the neck, but it hurt. It was like a needle going though my skin. It was as if she was vampire, when I was young I loved vampire what can I say I grew up loving vampires, watching Dracula movies, and dreaming I was a vampire, but was she a vampire. Soon, I felt dizzy and weak. I had to do something, anything or I could have died. So, I pushed her away and her fangs ripped out my neck. I screamed in pain and she started to dash. I wanted to stop her, but I was too weak to do anything. I laid there on the ground in a pool of blood. I passed out from blood lost.
    Somehow I woke in my bed. I glazed around my room, my rubber bat hanged from the ceiling, my curtains were black and closed tightly, and my black walls painted to look like blood dripped from the walls. Yep, my room was the perfected vampire room. I glazed at my computer desk and there she was the girl who…I think bites me. She was on my computer looking and at my files. On the screen was my name Carey Love. “Umm hi” I had to say something you know. She turns and stared at me. Her eyes were cold and unreadable. This girl who was she. She had to be the same age as me. I want to ask her so many questions it was unbearable to just stay silent.
    “What’s your name?” that’s what I really wanted to know.
    “Why do you want to know that?” she said her voice was so beautiful.
    “Ok? Well, why am I here I thought I was at the park?”
    “You were at the park, but I brought you home. Carey Love is your name right?”
    “That’s right, but what’s your name?” I really wanted to know her name.
    “My name is Kaela.”
    When she said her name the door knob to my door started to turn. Kaela hid under my bed and my step mother came in.
    “Care Bear what are you still doing in bed you have school”
    My step mother always hated my name, Carey. She says it's to girly. I loved my name it was different from the other guys. I enjoyed my name and I hate when she called me Care Bear, but all well.
    Kaela came out from under the bed as soon as my mom left. I got out of bed and change shirts. I couldn’t change my pants, with a girl here. I opened the curtains and the sunlight burned like I was on fire in hell. Both of us screamed and Kaela quickly closed the curtains. Why did the sunlight hurt I never felt that feeling before. She told me to never go in sunlight again, but what about school, and why I couldn’t be in sunlight. It’s not like I love light more than darkest. I hated the light and I loved the darkest that was the type of person I was.
    I stayed home and when my mother left me and Kaela went downstairs. I turned on the television and put on Dracula. I soon notice that Kaela was sound asleep. I put a blanket around her and let her sleep. I was thinking on what would happen if my family walked in, and saw Kaela and me. I couldn’t help of being worried. So, I carried Kaela up to my vampire room and laid her on my bed. That made me less worried, now, but I started to think about that hurtful kiss Kaela gave me. I went into the bathroom and looked into the mirror. I had two holes on my neck. Kaela walked into the bathroom. She looked like she was still sleeping and her she had bed head, but I saw that she had I knife. I almost pained, but I tried to stay clam. She raised the knife and cut her hand, she then squeezed her hand and blood dripped from her hand on to the floor. I watched her in the mirror, she was behind me. She licked her blood and I turned around to look in her eyes, to see what she was planning. She kissed me on the lips, open mouth, and I closed my eyes and enjoyed this moment, but I felt her blood drip down my throat. The blood tasted like heave on earth who knew. Her kiss let go, but she gripped my arms tightly. I open my eyes to look at her, but when I open my eyes I saw a different world. The world was darker and scarier and the brightness from the bathroom lights sting. I turned and looked into the mirror; my eyes had a blood lust. It was true in my eyes I wanted blood.