• Beep! Beep! Beep!” the digital alarm went.

    “I’m awake! I’m awake!” the blonde girl shot up from her bed and her reflexes slapped the alarm clock in the process.

    “Naminé, get up your going to be late for checking into you new school!” her mother yelled.

    “Five more minutes!” Naminé insisted pulling the white sheets over her head as she tried to go back to sleep.

    Naminé’s mother pulled her blankets off of her causing Naminé to wake up again. “I’ll go! I’ll go!” Naminé slowly walked in the bathroom and did the usual morning routine; brush teeth, wash face, brush hair and change clothes.

    When Naminé came out she was wearing a light blue dress (A/N: kind of like the one she wears in the video game but blue) with a white hooded sweater which she left unzipped. She also wore clean white socks that went up to her knees. Naminé wasn’t the type to dress really fancy, she didn’t like to wear make up or jewelry; she just wanted to keep as simple as possible so she wouldn’t stand out.

    Before she went out of her room, Naminé ran back to her now empty looking dresser. A small star shaped charm was the only thing left on the dresser and Naminé took it and just gazed at it smiling. So many memories began running through Naminé’s head as she stared at the charm.


    A four year old Naminé was playing in a small sandbox with a boy her age. From what Naminé recalled in her memories he had a messy dirty blonde hair, but she couldn’t remember his eyes.

    “Hey Naminé since your leaving tomorrow, I thought I’d give you something,” as Naminé looked up at the boy he held out a star shaped charm.

    “Wow! It’s so pretty!” Naminé exclaimed receiving the present from the boy. When Naminé commented the gift the little boy’s face started turning a light shade of pink.

    “My mom told me to buy it for you, and either way yellow is your favorite color…” The boy started turning many shades of red.

    “Aww! You’re so sweet! I love it! Thank you!” She suddenly hugged the boy and her cheeks started turning pink too.

    “Uhhh…you’re welcome. Just don’t forget about me ‘kay?” The boy said as she let go of him.

    “Don’t say it like that!” Naminé exclaimed.


    “We’re gonna meet each other again! Promise?”

    “Promise!” The boy said a he smiled warmly to her.

    End Flashback.

    Naminé snapped out of her thoughts as she heard her mother calling. Naminé quickly stuffed her lucky charm in her pocket as she ran down the stairs. She put on her clean white tennis shoes as she ran out the door and went inside her parents’ bright red dodge caravan.

    After an hour of driving and boredom for Naminé, they reached their destination: Twilight High Boarding School, the school Naminé was soon to attend as a sophomore. Naminé and her family had just moved back to Twilight Town a week ago. She used to live here until she was about four years old when she moved to Destiny Islands. Now Naminé is fifteen she has moved back to her hometown.

    “Naminé let’s go to the office and check in, your father will put all your belongings in your dorm room, okay?”

    “Okay,” Naminé agreed. As her father drove off she and her mother walked into the office to meet the principal.

    “So Naminé, here’s your schedule and the keys to your dorm room. I hope you make new friends and enjoy in here at Twilight High,” the principal smiled.

    Naminé nodded her head and took the items, “Thank you.”

    “You’re welcome.”

    Naminé walked out of the school building with her mother and looked at her, “I hope you don’t cause any trouble here okay,” Her mother said, “I’ll miss you, we’ll try to visit as much as we can,” her mom began walking towards the car as her dad drove in.

    “I’ll miss you too, bye mom.” Naminé said as her mom walked away. She kept waving goodbye to her parents until the car was nowhere in sight.

    Naminé sighed, ‘How am I going to survive?’ she asked herself.

    She began walking around the school, and Naminé thought she would go and find her dorm room later. As she was giving herself a tour and peeking into the classes every now and then, Naminé started thinking.

    ‘Now that I’m in Twilight Town again, I wonder if I’ll find him…’ she thought. ‘Yeah right! He probably forgot! I mean, I can’t believe I actually forgot his name! But it was pretty far back…’

    As she was lost in her own thoughts walking around, Naminé came across a corner in the hall way. When she was about to turn…BANG! She bumped into to someone knocking her back to reality.

    “Owww…that hurt…” a voice said. Naminé looked up to see a blonde boy who looked about her age with messy and gravity defying hair. He was wearing the school uniform (A/N: for boys obviously) which consisted of a white golf shirt, navy blue pants, and a neck tie to match. But, what she noticed the most was his deep cerulean eyes. They reminded her of the ocean that seemed to go on forever at Destiny Islands.

    The boy then stood up, “Hey are you alright? Sorry about that. Here let me help you up,” he gave his hand to help her up, but Naminé wasn’t the type to let these kind of things go, even with an apology.

    “WATCH WHERE YOU’RE GOING NEXT TIME!” Naminé yelled, but not loud enough to interrupt the classes beside them. “Jeez… some people…” (A/N: very OOC for Naminé, I know…)

    “Well SORRY for apologizing then! I was in a hurry!” he yelled back in the same manner.

    “Still, that doesn’t give you any excuses to knock me down!”

    “Like I said, I was in a hurry!”

    “And like I said, WATCH WHERE YOUR GOING!” Naminé snapped back.

    The boy looked at his watch and had a panicking expression on his face, “Look, I don’t have time for this!” he pushed Naminé aside and ran past her. She watched as he ran away with an angry expression.

    “Hmph! How rude!” Naminé huffed with her arms crossed.

    Naminé was at the school and still continued walking around. As soon as the clock hit 3:00, the bell rang and mad rush of students passed by not noticing the blonde girl. When they were all gone Naminé felt a tap on her shoulder. She turned around to see a smiling auburn haired girl with violet colored eyes.

    “Hi! I’ve never seen you here before. Are you the new? By the way, I’m Kairi!” (A/N: So forward huh?)

    “Yeah, I’m Naminé,” Naminé felt like she could trust Kairi, she really seemed like a nice person, “Umm…Kairi can you help me out? I’m kinda lost…” she admitted.

    “Yeah, no problem! I can show you exactly where everything is.”

    “Thanks a lot.”

    “Well, first of all did you check in with the office?” Kairi asked.

    “Yeah, I got my schedule and everything.”

    “Oh, can I see!” Naminé took a folded piece of paper handed over. Kairi quickly scanned through the schedule and smiled, “Looks like I’m in your English, Science, History, and Gym class. For your Math you have Selphie and Tidus. And you have Roxas in all your classes! He’s kind of quiet, but he’s really nice once you get to know him.”

    “Who are Roxas, Selphie, and Tidus?” Naminé asked.

    “Oh, I’ll introduce you to them and the rest tomorrow!” Kairi replied, “How about I show you your dorm room, that’s in a different building.”

    “Oh okay.” Naminé replied.

    “Your dorm room number is 203, that’s easy to find.”

    Kairi pointed things out before getting to the dormitory, like the cafeteria and the gymnasium. When they walked inside the building Naminé noticed both boys and girls inside.

    “Hey Kairi, I thought boarding schools have separate dormitories for the girls and guys.”

    “Yeah, but the boys' building burnt down because of a bad wire or something three months ago during class so no one got hurt. The girls’ dorm had a bunch of extra rooms so they decided they stay here until they raise money, so that’s probably gonna take forever. But don't worry all the boys' and girls' rooms are seperate,” Kairi laughed.

    As they continued to walk around, they quickly found Naminé’s room. “Here it is, if you need some help my room number is 216 down the hall,” Kairi pointed out.

    “Thanks a lot Kairi! See you tomorrow at school,” Naminé said as she entered in the room.

    Inside she found all her bags and boxes on the floor. Naminé didn’t own too many things so it took her about an hour to put away most of her stuff in the closet and dresser. Afterward she looked out the window; the view was beautiful, especially the sunset. It reminded her of her childhood here in Twilight Town.

    Naminé took out her sketchbook and pencil inside her backpack, which was beside the bed which she claimed as her own. She did an amazing quick sketch of the city, including the people she saw walking around it. Suddenly when Naminé was about to finish up, the door opened.

    “What the?” a boy said dropping his bag and skateboard.

    “Hey! What are you doing in my room!” Naminé yelled. She quickly recognized that the boy was the one from earlier in the morning.

    “YOUR ROOM! This is my room!” the boy snapped back pointing at himself.

    “Well I’m supposed to be here. See!” Naminé quickly showed him her papers. As the boy read the papers he ran his left hand through his messy hair in frustration.

    “I was supposed to get my new roommate today…b-but you’re a girl!” he stated as he continued scratching his head.

    “This cannot be happening to me!” Naminé said in frustration.

    “This has to be a mistake! Let’s go to the principal and, I’m sure he can work this out.” he suggested pacing around the room.

    “Alright, let’s go then.” Naminé said getting ready to walk out the room.

    “B-but sir! You can’t be serious!” The boy exclaimed.

    “I’m sorry, but your room is the only one available and it’s against the rules to have three to a room,” the principal stated firmly.

    “But umm…principal Kiyoshi! Can’t you bend the rules a little?” Naminé asked.

    “I would’ve, but there is not enough room for three students,” the principal replied.

    “Fine…” Naminé and the boy said in defeat, and then they walked out the door.

    As they reached the room they both sighed in disappointment.

    “Of all the people, why am I stuck with you!” Naminé whined.

    The boy just sighed again; he was too tired to even argue back anymore.

    “I’m using the bathroom to change.” Naminé grabbed a few clothes in her closet and stepped in to the bathroom.

    “Don’t come out until I’m done changing to ‘kay?” the boy said, loud enough for her to hear through the door.

    “Ugh! Like I would!” Naminé said in disgust.

    She wore pale blue pajamas with white polka dots. When Naminé opened the door slightly to go outside, her face became many shades of red. Naminé saw the guy shirtless. He had a good built, Naminé had to admit he was hot. Naminé closed the door quickly, but quietly so he wouldn’t hear.

    “Oh my gosh!” she looked at herself in the mirror and her face was beet red. She tried to take away the memory by washing her face in cold water. “Bad Naminé, bad!”she thought. Naminé wasbrought back into reality when the boy called her out.

    “You can come out now, I’m done.” When Naminé opened the door this time he was already going in his bed. He eyed her suspiciously when he saw her flushed face, by he decided to shrug it off.

    Naminé closed the light and went in her bed, when she remembered something, “Oh yeah, I never got your name.”

    “It’s Ro…” he was already going into deep sleep.

    “I guess I have to figure out his name tomorrow,” Naminé thought as she went into a deep slumber.