• --Matt--

    I walked into the classroom. It was my first day of 1st grade and all of the people around me were unfamiliar. I sat at the desk with my name tag on it. Next to me was a boy.
    "Hi," he said to me.
    "Hi," I replied, shyly.
    "My name is Matt."
    "Cool," I said back. "I'm Stephanie."
    From that day on for the rest of the year, Matt was my best friend. He was on by bus too. We became very close. Every day we played at recess, chasing each other, and having fun.
    Then, the dreadful day came.
    Matt was moving.
    I couldn't believe it. My heart was broken. He was moving the day before the last day of school.
    On that day, after school, I gave him a big hug, and we said goodbye. It was from then on that I realized...I loved him.
    But I will never see him again.


    There was this girl named Kora who I couldn't STAND. She was always so mean to me and my friends. But, suprisingly, she soon was my best friend.
    In third grade, she was in my class. I got to know her better and we were always together. We never got in a fight until 5th grade.
    After 4 years in a row of being in the same class, we were separated. She wasn't in my class, and she didn't have lunch at the same time as me. I never got to see her anymore. We didn't talk as much and, soon, she drifted away comletely.
    She didn't like me anymore. Kora only hung out with the so called "cool" people or "popular" group, or whatever you like to call it. Apparently, she think I was one of them.
    And I'm actually glad that I'm not.


    To this day I have many new friends. This is a shout out to all of my friends...


    The moral of this story is never let go to the friends that you love, and never want to lose. You may not expect what might be coming next.
    But, hey.