• James kicks up some leaves as he walks towards his house. "Britanny was right, my parents don't care about me or her. Why should I listen to them?" James shook his head. He couldn't think about his parents when Britanny and him were having so many problems with the way everybody thought about there relationship.
    "Why in the Hell did everyone start hating me and Britanny? All I did was kiss her in front of her parents on accident, then they go crazy!" James smirks, if he had to do that again he would do it. The look on Brit's parents faces was priceless. He chuckled, and then he looked up to the sky. The sun was just coming up, but you could still see the stars and the moon. "Well I guess that me and Britanny will just have to get in trouble then," James smiled as he thought of a way to be with Britanny, without having to sneak around to do so.

    Britanny climbed through the window of her room, trying not to make a sound. She succeded, and with a sigh she took off her coat. She threw that on her moon chair. She took off her furry boots, smiling as she thought that the boots were quiet and effective. She landed on the bed with a creak and a groan. "Why does James have to make getting to him such a pain?" Britanny asks herself. She rubs her forehead and sighs. "It's all good, as long as I get to see him," Britanny flips onto her side and glances at her alarm clock. "Holy crap I have only an hour to sleep!" Britanny moans. "Stupid freaking parents won't even trust the fact that I have good judgment, it's their fault that I don't get enough sleep," Britanny thinks to herself. She grabs the blankett from under her and rolls up in it. "Screw having to wake up at a certian time. I'm sleeping in today." A few minutes after she says that she falls asleep.