• “So where exactly are we?” I asked as we began to walk to the door. As we reached the door he opened it like any gentleman would.
    “You will see.” He said as we reached a sign that said ‘Please Wait To Be Seated’ we waited about seven minutes before a woman in about her twenties came up and noticed us waiting, well I guess she noticed Mitch more then she noticed me, she couldn’t keep her eyes off him.
    “Hello! I’m Wendy and I will be seating you! So table for one?” She asked as if she didn’t see me.
    “For two!” Mitch demanded. She then unwillingly turned towards me.
    “Oh I see.” Her voice filled with disappointment. I don’t know if he noticed or not, all I knew was that his hand was soon on my back. He was then lightly pushing me towards the table. I don’t know if he was doing this to piss off that girl or if he was trying to be a gentleman, either way it got Wendy going.
    Wendy had given us a table that was in the center of the room; it wasn’t until now when I realized how fancy this place is. There was a certain romance to this place, there was red fabric hanging from the ceiling and the lights were hanging and very dim. I was completely stunned.
    “Mi…” I tried to say his name but Wendy cut me off.
    “Okay, can I get you anything to drink?” She gave Mitch a sincere smile and the he waved his hand to me as to order for us. She turned her gaze towards me.
    “I’ll take a sprite,” I answered
    “And you?” Wendy asked Mitch
    “I’m good, not really all that thirsty, thank you.” He said ever so politely.
    “Okay,” She then handed each of us a menu and walked off, I opened up the menu and the first thing my eyes went to were the prices, I sat there frozen. After about five minutes of just staring at the prices, I looked up at Mitch; he smiled at me.
    “Are you going the truth?” He asked and I realized what he meant. I must not have lied very well.
    “I already did, I told you that guy tried to kidnap me.” I explained
    “Funny how you say that guy tried to kidnap you, but before that you said you have to get away from your father.” He gave me a smile of defeat, but what he doesn’t know is I have to be a great liar.
    “Long story, but my mother has full custody of me, but when my father found out that I got hit, he no longer trusted my mother and tried to kidnap me.” I really just about believed my self, well more like I wanted that to be what happened.
    “Oh, I’m so sorry.” He said apology running thick in his words.
    “Oh it’s no problem, just hate what my father does sometimes.” Just that time Wendy brought me my sprite, she set it in front of me and I began to take sips because, my throat hurt, I’m guessing I screamed at the top of my lungs before I got hit.
    “So are you ready to order?” She asked Mitch. I rolled my eyes and began to sip at my soda once again.
    “Sammy?” He asked me. I quickly picked up the menu and scanned it once again and picked the cheapest thing on there.
    “I’ll have the garden salad.” I answered. She quickly scribbled that on her pad then looked back up at Mitch
    “And you?” She asked, that made me giggle under my breath. The way Wendy looked at him and the way she flirted with him and he had no clue what she was doing. I could have busted up laughing right then and there, but I was scared Mitch might take me back to the hospital for mental issues.
    “I’m not all that hungry, thank you.” He said, and she gave him a quick smile and he continued to look at me. I wanted to run out of the room laughing. She then walked off. I kept my head down so I wouldn’t watch how she walk away, because I’m sure she was swinging her hips trying to be flirty. If I would have seen that there no doubt in my mind that he would be taking me back to the hospital.
    “You okay? I heard that giggle back there, what was that about?” He asked me; completely clueless.
    “Yeah, did you not see how Wendy looks at you, its so funny.” I told him, his expression was still clueless. “She’s so flirting with you and its just funny.” He seemed to understand that a little because the corners of his lips started to come up.
    “Yeah, I guess I didn’t notice because I have something better to look at.” He said and I then wanted to run out of the room because I could feel the blood rushing to my cheeks. I no longer wanted to laugh; I wanted to get out of this situation. I looked down; blushing of course.
    “You okay?” He asked me as his words kept running through my mind ‘I guess I didn’t notice because I have something better to look at.’ After I calmed my blood, I looked up to answer his question
    “Um, yeah I’m fine.” I answered. By this time Wendy was coming to our table with my salad and the check. She was swinging her hips I almost broke, I was seconds away from just giving in.
    “Here is your food.” She set the plate in front of me and she turned to Mitch and popped out her hip and asked again.
    “You sure I can’t get you anything?” His eyes never left me.
    “Nope, not hungry, thank you.” He said and she seemed a little disappointed. She still seemed to swing her hips as she left the table. When she was at a distance to where I knew she wouldn’t hear me, I giggled a little to loudly.
    “Okay just eat.” Mitch demanded.