• The Big beast
    One day i saw something very disturbing a girl named lindsey had turned into a big,ugly, green, beast like dinosuar. she was soooo ugly. i had took some pictures of her when she was a monster and when i got home i had made a magazine called "THE WEIRD STUFF AT MY SCHOOL". Just the other day i seen selbe turn into a dude at exactly 5:42 pm. She was all pale. Anyways lets get back to lindsey she was a big ugly beast. the next day i went to school and i didnt talk to her the whole day. I have her in 7th period. But lets talk about what happended in that same class. This ugly kid likes me but i dont like him. And he has been liking me since he came to my school. So i put gum in his chair cause i thought he'd stop liking me and he sat on it . Then he got in truble by my teacher and he had to get upand go to the desk by the door. Then eeryone saw the gum on his pants and the whole class was laughing. But i didnt get in trouble cause no one knew i did it (well except for Veronica) but that was just our plan.
    OK OK off subject well lindsey said SJ hello talk to me and i tried to ignore her but insted i said shut up boy to her. then after school i told her what i saw she said OH thats why you didnt talk to me all day.

    P.S. this is a fake story this is not real
    and .............. i like pie yummy