• She stopped dead in the middle of the road, she listened for the car as she stood there waiting to see it coming down the road. She turned to face the way she had come and took of her jacket, spreading her arms she released her wings they unfolded, feather upon feather sliding over each other to settle in their place, her arms tingled as her wings finally settled their grey feathers ruffling as she dropped her arms, the car finally became visible, she waited, it got closer, she waited still, she heard him rev the engine, it was then she stooped pushing her arms in front of her, her wings flicking back, everything seemed to slow as she felt the car slam into her, the front of it buckling and groaning as it tried to push her back, the engine was compressing and screaming under protest as she bent it out of its natural shape. She could hear screws and bolts popping out of place as she held the car while it continued on its journey, when it had finally stopped, she let go of the front and straightened up. Her wings going back to their natural place close to her back as she walked round to the drivers side of the car, wrenching what was left of the door out, she pulled the unconscious man out of the seat, he was bleeding heavily from his head, she removed his jacket and placed him gently on the floor careful not to put his beautiful black wings under to much pressure, she watched as his eye lids fluttered open and watched her watching him.
    His voice barley whisper reached her ears as he lay bleeding “you don’t have to run Lara, they can help you” he coughed lightly as he tried to breathe. She felt a slight bloom of panic grow in her as she watched him struggling. She twisted her fingers in a small circle as she built the energy up between them, she watched as a small ball of blue light appeared where the warm air had been, she then pressed it to his chest, she could feel the ball going work inside him, spreading out reaching its healing tendrils to his wounds fixing him from the inside, his cuts and internal bleeds healing and disappearing, shattered bones growing and melding together, she watched his face as a look of peace descended over his features. The feeling of unimaginable pain flooded into her momentarily, causing her to scream, his eyes snapped open at her cries and he sat up catching her just before she fell.
    “Lara you are a gift, please stay, we need you...I need you, please Lara”
    She pulled herself out of his arms and stood the feeling gone, her head clearing. She took his hand and pulled him up so that he was standing, still holding his hand she looked into his eyes, seeing all the love he had for her, reaching out to her pleading with her to stay.
    “You know I can’t Lucas, if I do the pain and hurt will only continue, they won’t stop, they won’t not until I die. We are nothing more to them than lab rats, Lucas cant you see that. They are feeding us lies to keep us with them; the world isn’t as bad as they say it is.”
    Luca shuddered at her words, the harshness of them stinging him. He looked deep into her eyes, trying to see whether she was lying,
    “Lara the world is harsh and cold, you will get hurt, the people aren’t forgiving of what they don’t understand, and Lara they will kill you”
    He took her face in his hands, making her look at him. She shut her eyes, a silent tear leaving her left and trailing down her cheek.
    “I have to try, I can’t stay here, being here is killing me Lucas, its killing me on the inside. Please let me go”
    She placed her hands on Lucas momentarily, her wings curling round as if to embrace him, his wings spread and fluttered in response, wrapping them round her, an angel’s hug, she moved closer to Lucas her nose gently touching his, she whispered
    “Come with me”
    Lucas leaned down and kissed her gently, softly on the lips and muttered his lips tracing the words over hers,
    “I would if only I could leave everyone behind, Im not as strong as you”
    She pulled back and looked at him, her wings pulling back sharply and pulling back behind her.
    “They are coming, we don’t have long, Im leaving, Im a faster flyer than any of you” she smiled “even you had to use a car to catch up Lucas”
    her wings spread and begun to beat, her feet lifting of the floor, she spread her fingers a gold glow leaping between them a small golden chain dropped down, Lucas reached up a caught it in his fingers, watching as the pendant formed on the chain, a small crystal dropper formed a single small grey feather frozen inside. He looked up at her, tears rolling down his face as he watched leave, her wings carrying her far away from the science complex, he was sure she was going to make it, but now that she was gone, a deep, dark void had opened inside him. He had lost the one angel in to flock he had ever loved. The one person he would ever love.