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    Darius & Kristine
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    "I remember that day, It was raining..raining badly. The wind tried to take my umbrella away. And I was sad coming home from the rose field." Kristine thought to herself while sitting against the wall, knees to her chest and staring into her lap. She felt her eyes becoming warm. Her eyes slowly closed, trying to picture the moment in her head, making her mind play it over from the time she left the rose field. Kristine focused on that thought until she could convince her mind and senses to cooperate.

    -+The Memory+-

    Grass seemed to squished beneath her feet as Kristine walked slowly through the fields. She made her way onto the dirt, now muddy, road and hid herself under her almost worn out umbrella. Her eyes stayed focus on the ground. She was use to hanging her head low to avoid eye contact with others. As her shoes became a bit muddy, she stopped walking. Kristine then slid her feet from them, and picked them up, fingers curled into them and continued on. She then stopped again at a familiar surrounding. A rose, flattened and torn layed by her toes. The same rose she passed yesterday that was lively and fully bloomed. Beautiful. Her eyes started to glisten as she blinked twice to surpress the tears. She hated it. Being seen so different. Being pushed aside.

    ~ "I saw alot of myself in that blue rose. Instead of blooming with all the others, it grew there. It was an outcasted rose whose petals were still as big and full as all the others in the field. It looked to the heavens just like all the others. But it was alone on a dirt path. All Alone.~

    Kristine reached out to touch the flower, but hesitated as her vision blurred with warm tears and pulled back, starting to walk again. She tucked herself deeper under her umbrella and held her other hand under her eyes to wipe away larger tears that insisted on falling. Her breathing turned to a slight sniffles, then she took a deep breath and sighed hard. She then peeked out from her under her umbrella to see where she was as she started to walk again. She kept walking and saw a large tree dripping rain from its leaves and branches. Under the tree, close to its trunk, was a man.

    ~He also got caught in the rain. The castle was too far a walk in the weather that day. Even for him.~

    She lifted the umbrella more ways from her face, revealing her tanned complexion and looked at the man under the tree. Her feet was pressed into the mud as she stopped again. Kristine analyzed the man, seeing a bit of his features from the distance she was from him. Tall. Long black hair. Dressed as if from the castle. Outfit, black. Pale skin... Vampire. A royal here? So early in the afternoon? Kristine turned in his direction while he stood adjacent to her. Maybe being able to see her with his peripheral vision. Maybe I should..atleast..I don't really need it. Kristine took in another deep breath and started to approach him with slow steps, not to intrude on him. She stopped as soon as his head turned to face her. A bit of fear struck her. Again, she kept going with her small steps until she was just was under the tree, keeping a big enough distance between them to show respect. Kristine got on her knees, placing her shoes down next to her and folded in the umbrella, bowing her head low as she held it out to him "H-here you are, sir. I don't really need it. It would be an honor for you to atleast make it to a more dry location with it." She lowered her head again and placed the umbrella close enough to him as she could reach.

    ~I was so nervous of him..~

    Then Kristine got up, keeping her head bowed and stepped back from under the tree and turned to walk away. The rain felt so cold against her skin and her hair seemed to start sticking to her face already. "A gentleman never takes from a lady." She heard his voice say. When she turned around to reassure him it was fine, she was faced with him. He was now holding the umbrella open over her head. Her heart seemed to jump in her chest at how fast he got to her in such a short time. Unintentionally, she looked over his face and saw his black, almost grayish eyes looking down on her. Emotionless, his face was. Not a smile, nor a frown. Just wet. "Your eyes are looking a bit...puffy." Immediately she looked down at her feet. "Sir, it is fine. I'm not far from my home. Please, take it." She replies fast to him while taking a step from under the umbrella and bowing her head once again. Quickly, she turned around and began to run.

    -+End of Memory+-

    Kristine opened her eyes slowly as they adjusted to the dimly lit room. The candle on the table flickered back and forth, then became still. "The day we met...I never stopped thinking of his face that entire day. The feeling I got while he stood that close. How foolish I must have looked running away like that....How I secretly wish he ran after me." Her legs slowly slid out until they straight and flat on the floor. She pulled her sword, Veil's fang, onto her lap and traced her fingers around the barrel where the bullets layed. A single tear splattered on the blade. "How could I have forgotten?"