• Sunlight flickered through the trees spreading warmth all over the forest. Kikumo Dukoma covered her eyes from the light. She wished she was home, so she could hide in the shadows, but no. She was too different to be at home. She scared her cousins who just happened to be in town. Her long black hair covered her face as she ran. There was nothing to stop her now. No one could confront her to tell her to go back home and get in bed. Kikumo had her bag and it was filled with all her things. Her art supplies, a change of clothes and all her money, about 35 dollars and a savings bond for 100 dollars is 4 years.

    Her parents hated her and she knew it. She over heard them talking a few days before. She knew it was all true. She knew. She just, knew. It was hard for Kikumo to confront anyone. She did her best to stay in the shadows and hide from the world that hated her so much.

    Kikumo stopped walking for she had begun to hear footsteps, and they didn’t stop when she did. Kikumo turned saw a figure floating in the path she just traveled.

    “Kikumo Dukoma. Stop now and go back to where you belong.” The heavenly figure spoke. “If you continue to run from life then you will be in grave danger.”

    Kikumo took a step back and exclaimed “You can’t boss me around!! I don’t even know you!! You should just- Wait… How did you know my name?”

    “I know things about you that you are yet to find it out for yourself. If you run from me you are leaving safety and security forever. You will never be able to return to this town.”

    “I would never want to return!!” Kikumo screamed at the ghost like form in unison. At that she ran into the dark trees. Leaving the ghostly form behind in the light.