• "I'm fine mom don't worry!" I said and took the lunch money. "Be careful and don't take any crap from girls or BOYS." Mom said and rushed me out the door. I rolled my eyes and smiled.

    On the bus boys and girls kept staring at me. I knew exactly why. I was dressed up in a white tangtop with a pink sweater that bottled around my breasts and a pink miniskirt. I had pink flats with little bows at the top. I had a bow in my hair and my hair was brushed and pulled neatly back. Also a little makeup. On the other hand the other girls were wearing converse with jeans and band shirts. Most of the band names on their shirts I didn't reconize. I didn't listen to rock that much or punk or any of that crap. I came from Paris down here in Boston in Massachusetts. It was very awkward.

    "I transferred from Paris and I'd like to start here at this school." I told the lady at the desk in the office at school. It was the middle of the semester and the lady at the desk looked worridly at a man sitting at a even bigger desk. The lady was short and plump. She had thin rimmed glasses and her air was pulled back in a ponytail. "Well what classes would you like to do?" Theh lady asked worridly. "I'd like to take spanish, math, science, and chemistry. I looked at all the sheets the lady gave me. She sat me down in a little room and told me to to give her the forms when I was done. I started right away.

    "So your name is Amanda?" The lady said as she looked at the forms I filled out. "Um... yes it is." I said. "Last name Gardy? Yes." The lady licked her finger and flipped through the forms. "Your homeroom number is 203." The lady answered. "I'd like you to go there right away." She said. "Also look at these forms." She said. "These are the numbers of all your classes." I nodded and went right to class.

    I swore to myself that I wouldn't get together with any boys for three months and then I'll know them better but there was someone in my homeroom class that caught my eye. At school the teacher had me go to the front of the class and I had to tell a little about myself. I didn't know they did this in high school. It was like a second grade flash back!

    "Well uh.... my name is Amanda." I began. "I am 15 and I just moved here from Paris." I stopped to look at everyone. Some were laughing. "Oh look we have a fancy girl for once." A boy with blond hair said and he tossed a basketball to his friends. Weren't the teachers going to do anything? "Go on." The teacher said. "I live in the apartment just a block away." I said. "That's a expensive one." The boy with the blond hair commented. I didn't know whether if it was a compliment or not so I just kept going. "My mother works at a dentist office some place around here." I said. "My hobby is soccer." I said. Then I stopped. I saw a boy looking at me. He had brown hair that was straight and beautiful. He had a tight red shirt that said Metallica on it and he had ripped jeans and a belt. Also converse.

    "Take a seat next to anyone." The teacher said. I saw everyone put their bags on the seat next to them. I blushed. This was the worst day ever. I sat next to a girl with blond hair and curls. "I saw you looking at David." She said. I blushed. "Oh don't worry I can so totally hook him up with you." She said and flipped her blond hair over her sholder. "Oh um I'm okay I'll pass." I mumbled looking back at David. David was sitting next to no one and he looked intently at the teacher seeming to pay attention to every word he said. I got lost from what the teacher was saying and I kept staring at David then before I knew it the bell rang for lunch.

    "Are you sure you don't want me to hook you up with David?" The girl with the blond hair asked again. "Oh no thank you though." I said. "Oh okay." The girl said. "By the way my name is Carrie." She smiled and. "Oh uh thanks." I smiled. Carrie looked at me. "Do you take science?" Carrie asked. "Oh um yah I do." I said. "Oh me too!" She cried. "So does David!" She smiled. "I'll make you sit with him!"

    I didn't like the idea of sitting with David. I was too embarrased. Besides I always embarrass myself. Why should I embarrass myself infront of David?

    Went we got to science Carrie pushed me into the seat next to David. "Oops sorry!" She smiled and sat next to a boy who wrapped his arms around her and they began to makeout. David stared at them intently. "Hello." He said quietly. I was suprised he even talked to me. "Oh um hi." I mumbled. "My name is David." He said. "I'm sorry I didn't introduce myself." He smiled. "Oh um.. I'm Amanda." I looked down at the ground. "I know." He smiled.

    David seemed to pay a lot mroe attention to me now that I sat next to him. He even got up the courage to sit next to me at lunch. I blushed.

    The next day when I went to homeroom I was a little late. The teacher looked at me. "That is no way to start off a good year Amanda being late all the time." The teacher said. I took a seat next to David. All of a sudden I heard the word 'dance' from the teacher. "In two days is the school dance." The teacher said and he then started teaching. "Would you like to go to the dance with me?" David asked. I stared at him half of me wanted to scream the other wanted to...scream! I was so excited. "I'd love to." I said trying not to show my excitement and I tried to act cool.

    That day I rushed past mom and ran right to the store to buy dresses. I settled on a pink one with black heels and my pink sweater. I also settled on diamond gloves. I even added a nice pink bow to my shopping cart!

    When I got home mom looked at me confused. I remembered I forgot to tell her about the dance with David. I told her it all in a quick rush and she stared at me. I heard her mumbled how much she wished I was a little girl and that times went by so fast but I didn't care I was just excited to go to the dance with David.

    The night of the dance I waited of 7:00pm the time David will pick me up. At exactly 7:00pm David pulled up and stepped out of the car. He had a red convertable with the top down and he was wearing a tux. It was gorgeous. He had shiny black shoes and his hair was slicked back nicely. Not even a string of air was sticking up. I introuduced him to my mom then I went in the car with him and we went off to the dance.

    At the school dance David taught me how to dance. He was quite graceful and he didn't step on my toe once. I looked down trying to make sure I didn't step on his but he pulled my chin up. "Look in my eyes." He directed. "Okay." I smiled and he spun me around so flawlessly.

    After awhile of dancing the clock struck 11:00pm and the dance ended. Everyone went out the door. David twirled me around one last time and I smiled at him. "Want to come over to my place?" David asked. "I don't know I have to ask my mom but she'll say no." I mumbled. David looked dissapointed but he drove my way to the the house. "No way I'll just tell her that I wanted to visit dad for the night. Dad lived in a different apartment since mom and dad split up. "Oh okay." David said.

    I fished in my purse for the cellphone then I started dialing the number. Mom finally answered and I explained to her about dad. "Okay sweetie." She said and hung up.

    David led me to a huge apartment. "That's nice." I said. He smiled at me and helped me out of his car. He led me to his room. He had tons of CD's and a big bed. He had pictures of old bands and some new bands on his walls. He had The Beatles, Metallica, The all American Rejects, and Green Day. "Oh that's nice." I said and pointed to the Green Day band poster. "You like them?" He asked sounding quite suprised because I didn't seem like the band type. "Yes I do." I smiled. David looked suprised but he sat on his bed.

    I sat next to him. He layed down and I layed down next to him.

    I stared at him. He stared at me. I lied down in his arms. I kissed his cheek softly. He looked at me and ran his fingers through my hair. I then started to kiss him on the lips. We began to makeout. I started getting into the rythem. He threw his shirt off. I threw off my mine. He fiddles with my bra strap. I helped him. I fiddled with his buckle next. I was never a bad girl but I was definatly turning into one. I pulled away slowly. I smiled at him he smiled at me. I ran my fingers over his hair several times. I then lied on his chest and looked up at him. I turned to my side facing him and snuggled up close to him. I could feel his hand slowly across my chest. I smiled then fell asleep.

    The next day I didn't feel like going to school. I felt like staying here with David and makingout again. Before we headed on the bus we madeout one last time. I told myself I wouldn't take off my skirt. Then we heard the bus. We ran outside and kissed each other one more time.

    "I saw you guys at the dance, and I saw you two kissing before you went on the bus." Carrie said. "Oh yah." I blushed when we got to class. I sat next to David and Carrie sat right across from me. Since the teacher really didn't care David and I kissed and hugged each other quielty. Then we pulled away. This will be the best year after all.