• the wind whispers your name, calling you to the cliff you pace forward unknowing of whats happing as your white dress flutters in the wind, the sky is dark grey and clouds are piling together, while a hint of blue lingers of in the distance. a small town is to the right, you look over and see small cars and houses, backyards with clothes hanging out to dry, people which look so small are moving down th streets, the town clock chimes and you perspire. the wind begins to die dow and you look across the coast, the sea is rough and the shipping yard is full with ships. the life in the yard is next to none as the day draws to a close. the sun begins to fade and they sky begins to grow even darker. the wind picks up agaibn as you pace to the edge. small tufts of grass blow in the wind and tnhe beach below holds couples sitting around fires and laughing.
    you begin to pace back from the edge, you slip of your white dress and stand in you underwear, bracing the cold air as you take a breath and begin to run. the ait is cold and the lights have gone out.
    you feel the cold air against your face as you plundge towards the cold grey water.
    you land in the water with a heavey splash which startels the couples . the look around the waters edge for a person, then your head pops up and you bein to swim into shore, your make up is running and you long blond hair is a mess. a young man hands you a towle and you smile and thank him.
    he sits beside you for the rest of the night. he walks you up the hill to where your clothes were, you quickly change and he asks you if he can walk you home.
    20 years on you still love the cliff and every year you go for a swim , but now that boy who handed you the towle now is your husband and a father to two little girls, both with you blond hair and blue eyes but also very mysterious and happy.