• when i last left you i told you about tom the bad guy and his two hentch men Ben and Ron well that is all the people in the story! so lets get started!! "ash ash what up the general whats to see us all in the tent. "said Mae. wheres vannah said jade she is the leader we have to find here. i think i know where she is said ash i will go and get her.
    i thought i would find you in the garden ash said. remember when we were kids and we us to sneak out here and play tag said vannah yeah that was the good days now we got powers and ever thing is messed up. we need to go to the meeting said ash. yah said vannah. here we are i found here said ash good jod boy said the general
    now you guys need to learn how to us your powers so we are going to send you away to people like you so lets make this work
    meanwhile in the town where tom has taken over and kidnapped the vannah mom and dad.they were forced to sigh the town over

    to be continued