• The Shadows were closing in. Auros ran for his life, away from the fate that awaited him. He turned his head to look back, and saw the pack of Hunters following him. A Hunter, creature with the ability to change it's form. Auros fired the last bullets he had into the closest one, didn't even hurt it. He had to do something, quick, or they'd kill him, or worse, turn him into a Hybrid, a human turned Shadow.

    It was Auro's fault for being here, and someone else, too. Trust was it's name. He trusted them, and they were just Hunters in disguise. Auros stopped running. He knew his fate. Pulling out his knife, he turned around, and rushed towards his pursuers. If he wasn't going to live this, he'd at least kill some Shadows on the way out.

    Then they came. Ran straight into him and knocked him to the ground. Stabbing the nearest one in the head, he jumped back up. "Alright, who's next?" He said, stabbing it again, making sure it was dead. They overpowered him. Five to one. And then it, the leader of the pack, poisoned him. But not the killing kind, the one to turn you into a Hybrid, kind. Shadow rushed through his veins. "Hahahahahaha," He crazily shouted, "I'm gonna kill you all!"

    He shaped his arm into a sword, and slashed through every last one of them. He was alive, but at what cost? Humans would hate him. Shadows would hate him as well. He walked towards the source of the Shadows. If he was going to be like this, he'd at least use it. This power gave him the strength to fight back. Something nobody else could do.

    His curse, but humanity's miracle.