• To pursue and cherish the precious truth of life
    trough the stolen silver rays of moonlight
    and trough the glades of the sleeping disciples
    where the hidden one and his bride are re-invoked.
    Like a sunshine, and a nightly breeze they come
    dressed in a robe of the purest of all light
    and yet in their eyes you can see indeed
    the dark liquid fire form chaos entwined.

    They spoke to me in a forgotten language
    a poet's verse, the first form of word itself
    and i marveled at making of their kind,
    because the beautiful and the awful
    are the same for the week and the blind.

    And the baying of wolves is silent
    a symphony orchestrated by the wind begins,
    dethroning of the king, and demise.
    Inhaling the beauty of the moon
    while they killed the jealous sun
    and prepared the throne for the queen
    trough a tragic end, happiness reached.

    And whisper that chills your skin
    she is the one of light and love
    to grasp something beyond time
    is to have her this starry night.

    And then words are spoken no more.

    Just naked bodies piled in mud and dust
    an orgy of scents and sounds to honor her name
    translucent there I stood, or somewhere in between
    to witness the rebirth of the original sin.

    And Eve came to me, seducing every step of the way
    and told me of great things to come
    and more beautiful of the night and Luna she was,
    marveled by all, and understood by none.