• ~Chapter 1~

    The airplane flew through five storms and still, we were pasting through another one. I, Yumiko Rin, sat by the window. My two older brothers were sitting next to me. Kyo, 'Mr. Super Popular with the Girls' was right next to me, acting like he was cool. Kyo once more was flirting with the two girls that sat in front of us. Yuu, my kind brother was once more reading. He is always stuck to a book and never lets it go. Our parents sat behind us with my little sister Rimi who was sound asleep. She was asleep through all the storms. Wishing I could have slept through all the storms, I turned over to Kyo and said to him, "Hey...........".

    Kyo turned to me with an angry face. "What is it shrimp? Can't you see I'm busy?" he said. I could tell he was angry because I mess up with girl-flirting-time.

    "Can't you lay off the flirting for once? We're on the plane. Anyway, give me the laptop since your not using it" I whispered to him. My whispered was pretty loud because he always, always, ALWAYS saw flirting more important than his own sister. There was a slight anger in my voice. I hate it when Kyo does that. Just because he's good looking doesn't mean I'm not. I, myself, was pretty popular with the guys, only I have choose not to love any of them. I just say that I don't like to love but the truth was that I was still in love with Ryuu. After what happend, I was heart broken but still, I can live.....maybe.

    "Fine fine......gosh!" Kyo shouted. He handed me the laptop. He got right back on flirting with the girls. Once more I rolled my eyes as to say 'Whatever!!!'. Quickly, I got on my yahoo acount. Some of my friends in school were and and I began to chat with them.

    Chatting with them was fun. I killed time that way too. Finally, we got out of the storm. Both Kyo and Yuu were sound asleep. The sun was coming out and the bright light was shining through the crack I left so I would know when the sun came out. I opened the window and looked out. I saw buildings and other things. The trees there were yellow, orange, and many other colors too. The light was waking my brothers up.

    Yuu was the first to wake up. He rubbed his eyes and looked over at Kyo, who was hugging him. He then looked at me with the did-you-sleep-at-all look. Knowing what his eyes were saying, I shook my head. Yuu nodded at me and smile. He was a very easy guy. He was pretty good looking too, everyone in my family was but anyway, Yuu smile at me once more and I smile back at him. Kyo hugged Yuu tighter but Yuu didn't care. I was laughing slightly because Kyo was snuggling Yuu. Finally, I couldn't help it. I laughed out loud, very, very loud. "Oh my god!!!! Kyo!! Your gay!!!!!" I shouted as I lauged. That woke everyone near us up. Realizing what I have done, I put my hands over my mouth.

    "Huh?? Wait what!!?? GAY!!?? WHO THE HECK ARE YOU CALLING GAY YOU LITTLE BRAINLESS FREAK!!!!!!???" Kyo shouted. He realized what he have done too and covered his mouth also. Everyone was staring at us. I turned and look at the window.

    "Finally, land" I murmured to myself. Smiling as the airplane landed and ran for a while. At that point, I had a feeling my life was going to change.