• Chapter 2

    "HOLA PEN!!!!!!" Alice says. "Hai!" Fear says. "Mello guys!" i say. "Sheepy fell *sniff. He's ok though!" I say. "That's good.......but GUUESSS WHAAAATTTT!!!!" Fear says. "YOU ATE A CHIPMUNK????" Alice says. "NO SHE DATED A LADY BUG THEN WENT SKY DIVING!!!!!!" I say. It was quiet for a while........then Fear said: "......VAMPIRE KNIGHT IS A MOVIE!!!! IN NEW YORK!!!!!!!!" When i read this message i just screamed. "WHEN?!?!!??!" I stab the letters on my keyboard. "TEEEEEEL!" "HAAAA U SAID TEEL!" Alice says. "OOOO I DID!!!!!" I say laughing. "IN TWO DAYS!!!!!!!!" Fear says. I can tell she's excited. "Brb while i beg!"I say. I walk up to my dad. "DDDAAAAADDDDDDDYYY!!!!!!!!!!" I say. My dad turns to me. "You scared me!!!!!!" He says. "I sawwy." I say smiling. "OK SO THERE'S THIS MOVIE AND I WANNA SEE IT. IT'S IN NEW YORK AND IT'S IN TWO DAYS. CAN WE GO PLLLLEEASEEEE?" I beg, praying that he will say yes. "Sure!" I'm shocked. Is this REALLY happening? "Wait.......really?" I ask. "Yeah!" "TTTHHAANKKKKKK YYYYOOOUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I say hugging him, doing my happy dance, thanking God and running to the computer. "IM GOING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I scream to Alice and Fear. "SO ARE WE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" They scream. We all scream with happiness. As my dad comes up, i accidently scream out loud. "AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" "........am i inturupting something......." He says, not really wanting an answer. "HI!!!!!!" I say. ".....Hi. So.....we kinda gotta go now......i bought u a laptop." He says. "....mmk." I say as i tell them what happend. I sign on on the chat on the laptop as we get into the car, wondering if the movie would be as amazing as i thought it would be.