• "Hey Eliza!" my best friend, Alex greeted. His black hair and blue eyes really didn't match his name. When I thought of the name Alex, I always thought of blondes, but I liked his dark hair.
    "Hey Alex," I replied casually. Alex rummaged through the bag he held and pulled out a piece of paper.
    "Please?" He smiled warmly.
    "Ugh. Don't smile like that, it's just gross. If you want answers to the science test, ask someone who doesn't already know how evil you are. Oh wait, thats no one," I said smiling back. I took the paper anyways and began writing.
    "Thanks, I'll get you a Popsicle when I get an 'A' on this test!" He smiled mischievously. I bit my lip. He got me again, knowing I'd give him false answers. And he knew my only weakness, fruit flavored water on a stick. I grabbed the paper from his hand and re writ every answer.
    "There, you'd better not forget my Popsicle," I warned.
    "I wont, I promise," he said softly. His eyes were serious. Suddenly I felt plain and naked under that fierce gaze. He quickly turned away
    As he walked away he whispered almost inaudibly, "I would never forget."