• Sandgirl

    Odd jobs? When people say they have Odd jobs, normally you'd think of something along the lines of sewage management, something strange like making sure every bicycle horn honks correctly or something not nearly as well paying as it should be for all they do. But no one asks us about our odd jobs. What about me? My job is almost as odd as checking under the bed for monsters! In fact, that is practically part of my job. I mean, I may be an intern now, but I'm gonna step up and become full fledged. That's right world! Time to welcome the Next Generation of us supernatural’s! Nisha, daughter of the Sandman, my destiny is to lay everyone to rest, no guarantees that there won’t be any nightmares. In fact, it's in our contracts now. See, fifth line to the bottom, fine print, yeah, right there, 'You cannot sue us for any lack of sleep due to the nature of nightmares, uncomfortable sleeping places, and/or any pain felt by the participant after one night’s rest.' Yep, that accounts for just about everything. And we even have whole article about sleep walking, talking, and incidents that may happen after the sand has been placed.

    Now, about my job. Right now, I'm just a back up for my dad, who's always busy. Once and a while I'll accompany my father on his nonstop job and sprinkle a bit of sand here and there, but for the most part, I normally get the doses wrong and either the subject sleeps in too late or doesn’t get enough rest. Yeah, I send out all my apologies, so my father puts me on Monster Duty. That's right, your very own Sandgirl...checks under the bed for monsters. Those sneaky bastards are always messing up our schedules. And when we find them, man is it a sight for sore eyes, fights that would cause nightmares for generations if any human could see them. But, of course, we Sandpeople can't be seen unless we want to be seen.

    I can't wait until I take over my dad's business. Father had several kids, which is rather strange for a Sandperson, seeing as most only have one to take over for that one country they're in charge of, but with five older brothers, our borders have been expanded. Though, with either one of by brothers, I'm still the families Monster Checker, but I just can't wait. However, until then, I'm still just a daytime student in SNS, or the Supernatural School systems. Rather than just teach me the trick of the trade, Father would rather I be 'well rounded' whatever that means. But, I always liked music, and it kinda offends me at times when Father says I have to be under the Family Business. And even if I had a choice, I'd find myself probably singing lullabies more than anything. So Father allows me to sing at work, but that's all.

    Odd Jobs, psh. You've never heard of odd until you've walked in on a couple on their Anniversary Night. Uhhh! And let’s not talk about human teenagers these days. I think the best thing to put to sleep, is a baby, because just before they fall asleep, they look so peaceful, it's like looking down at a little angel. Only they can see us. The young and innocent, at most 3 years old and down. The children react to our presences with glee and laughter. They make our days, or our nights.