• They say that, before you die, your whole life flashes before your eyes. At this moment, I can't tell you just how many people's lives might've just flashed before their eyes. It was nothing less than chaos. People screamed, teachers tried to calm students, but it was futile. I was most likely the calmest of all the students. I walked down the hall with an indifferent look on my face. Whatever was happening, I wasn't scared. Being scared gets you nowhere in a situation like this. You can scream and cry but that doesnt mean a few simple actions can make it stop. I walked calmly and quietly until the crowd showed up. These people were running straight for me. A look of shock came across my face. I was struck across the face and lost consciousness.

    I came to in the school library. I was greeted by three familiar faces. Heather, Dana, and Christian. In the corner, rocking back and forth, was a man in a business suit. "All we got out of him was his name, Anthony Harlow," Heather said. "He was wandering around the school grounds, no one knows where he came from," Christian said. "Are there any survivors?" I asked. "Including the five of us...five," Heather said. A thousand students. this school had a thousand students. And only four were still alive. What was happening to La Quinta Middle?