• Alright to start things off i'm writeing about all the stuff my friend hid from her ex ex boyfriend.So he knows some more of the truth.
    1.breana was never flirty with any guys except one noah and she didn't tell me i forced her to.Witch now i found out was bad to do cause from that point on my life become a living hell.Though you know breana loved drama so i'm not so shocked my life become a living hell.

    2.Couple of times she would try to talk to noah alone she would say things to make noah like her and make him hate me.I did my best to make sure me and noah stayed friends.

    3.One time they gang up on me.At bre's house they rated(noah,booboo,breana)me and bre about who was better for noah and acted like i was not there.You know i swear for a second bre looked happy seeing me in pain.

    4.When i talked to bre about you dorian she seem like she didn't care but she would cry at school to make everone feel sad for her.

    5.Dorain i don't think bre ever loved you to be honest she was just pretending i think
    ((well that is all i'm saying for know no flamming people please))