• You were born to hurt,
    You were born to try,
    You were born to flirt,
    And you were born to lie.
    You were spawned from evil,
    Satin crafted the perfect parts.
    So you’d ruin girl’s lives,
    And break the boy’s hearts.
    You were made to murder,
    And created to kill,
    To follow an insane instinct,
    With no known sense of will.
    You were born cruel,
    Painful from the start,
    The first living human,
    Without a beating heart.
    You were born to suffer,
    And forever seeing blue,
    And hating every minute,
    Because you hate being you.
    You were born to scream,
    You were born to mourn.
    and if this is the case sir,
    I wish I was never born.