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info on a day to day basis
still kinda new to this place so im trying out every feature, i am writing just day to day stuff that pops into my mind
chapter 3, capture of Foxx and her rescue

Its been several months and the battle between our heroes and the government and neither side has yet to give in to the opponent. However Tag was getting frustrated because he had never had such a case that evaded him so. However he had suspicions on Foxx because she just didn't seem to be a normal person to her. One day, he captured Foxx and then contacted Shade. Tag told Shade that in order to get his friend free, he must come to where she was held and give himself up. Although Shade knew Tag would just take both him and Foxx to be tried and arrested, he didn't want Foxx to come under any harm so he had no choice but to go. He instructed Phoebe to stay away so she wouldn't be captured also and he headed off to the meeting place. At the meeting place, Shade allowed himself to be captured but only if Tag let Foxx go first. Tag agreed and in exchange for letting Foxx go, Shade allowed himself to be arrested without any struggle. A couple of days later, Shade was chained up onto a wall where he was tortured so Tag could figure out how he killed people without touching them. However since Shade refused to tell them, he was tortured over and over again until he was on the brink of death. However, over the time period, Foxx and Phoebe had came up with a plan to free him. First however, they would have to wear masks so no one can figure out who they were and then they would break Shade out and also dealing with anyone who would get in the way including Tag. The next day, they started with the plan successfully breaking into the place where Shade was held and managed to unlock him from his binds. However before they could escape, Tag appeared blocking the exit. Tag was surprised that the 2 other Kiras would come as he had planned and he immediately called for them to be arrested. A miniature skirmish occured there with Foxx and Phoebe killing officer after officer with the death note while at the same time keeping Shade safe since he was unable to use his death note being so thoroughly exhausted. However eventually, they couldn't go any further and they were cornered by only Tag himself. Foxx then mocked Tag since he was the only one left but Tag only pulled out a gun and told them that if he couldn't get the arrested, he would just kill them. Both of them were shocked at this but they couldn't stop him since they were so thoroughly exhausted. Strangely, Tag then gasped in shock and when both of them turned around, they found Shade walking in front of them and shielding both of them. He told them Tag that they should finish this themselves and not to let Phoebe or Foxx to be involved. Tag agreed to this and picked up 2 swords from a box he had carried along. He then threw one to Shade and told him that this was the way they were going to finish this. Shade agreed to this and they both prepared to battle.

continued in next part

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Foxx Uchiha
Community Member

Tue Oct 23, 2007 @ 09:50pm


OMG! I started a Naruto RP!

-----> Clicky! <-----

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