1= Things Change= The story starts.

2= The Thousand Faced Assassin= Raon and Ace are introduced as current villains.

3= The Avatar of Lightning= The heroes fight to free Tenjho from Raon and Ace from the stronghold.

4= Wild Party= The E.A.E holds a party to continue been seen as heroes to the general public's eyes. Ragna and Rock are introduced.

5= The Walls have Ears= Assassins and ninjas are sent to deal with the heroes to prevent them from causing the E.A.E any more problems. Raon and Ace change sides.

6= 300 Below= The heroes travel to a frozen wasteland where there is an E.A.E base. battle Ragna

7= Thrill to Spill= Following up the destruction of the base, the heroes travel to a secret mountain base of the E.A.E's. Battles Rock

8= Cold Plate of Sushi= The heroes sneak into an underwater research facility of Butsuri's. Butsuri is introduced.

9= Cruisin for a Bruisin= The heroes decide to take a break and go on a luxury cruise. Ragna and Rock are battled.

10= Hot-Boiled= The heroes go to a volcanic power plant in order to stop the E.A.E from creating weapons.

11= Omens= As the heroes travel around, they notice the monsters are getting more and more aggressive, attacking towns, cities, and villages.

12= Queen of Ice= The leader of the E.A.E sends Yulece to personally deal with the heroes.

13= No Way Out= The battle with Yulece was actually a trap and the heroes are captured and sent to an E.A.E prison stronghold. Raon is sent instead to a research facility.

14= Project Virus= After escaping from the prison, the heroes go to the research facility to rescue Raon. Tox is introduced.

15= The Dead have Voices= After escaping the E.A.E, the heroes happen upon an ancient temple in the forest. The dead spirits of the Konjou Knights tell them of their destiny. Tox is battled again.

16= He who leads the World= The heroes finally confronts the leader of the E.A.E. Ragna and Rock are battled again.

17= Cause and Effect= As if in response to the coming of the Dark Dragon, four dangerous creatures begin awakening all over the world.

18= At the Bottom of the Ocean= From the bottom of the ocean, a giant turtle rises up.

19=Within the Center of the Planet= From the center of the planet, a giant tiger emerges from the ground.

20= Inside the Fire= From a volcano, a giant phoenix soars from the lava.

21= The Eye of the Storm= From a canyon, inside a never-ending tornado, a giant wyvern flies into the skies.

22= The Eternal Setting Sun= After defeating all 4 of the monsters, the heroes chase the E.A.E to their main city headquarters.

23= The Sands of Time= The coming of the Dark Dragon is getting closer. The strongest of the E.A.E step up to stop the heroes from preventing the dragon's coming. Battles Ragna, Rock, Tox, Yulece, and Butsuri

24= The Chain of Succession= Raon decides to duel the leader of the E.A.E to death while the rest of the heroes goes to stop Butsuri from awakening the
Dark Dragon.

25= Dark Side of the Moon= Even with Butsuri defeated, he sacrifices his life to bring about the Dark Dragon. Now in the sky, the dark side of the moon has appeared.

26= The Beginning of the End= The Dark Dragon has returned to the world and threatens to destroy everything. Only the heroes can stop it.

27= Black Shadow= The Dark Dragon lays dead and all seems calm. Yet the sky is still dark and in this darkness, the heroes see a woman in a black dress approaching them.

28= I am the God of Darkness= Even with its body dead, the Dark Dragon's soul is intent on destroying everything. This is the final battle! No holding back!

Epilogue= The Days to Come= All seems returned to normal. The Dark Dragon is defeated and all seems calm. A bright and peaceful future lies ahead.

Extra 1= The Hero of Lore= a challenge is sent to all the heroes. A person wishes to test their strength themself.

Extra 2= The Almighty God of War= A golden greatsword falls from the skies and lands in the center of the city. Godly power radiates from it.

Extra 3= The 8-Headed Serpent God= A meteor has crashed in the place where the Dark Dragon lies dead. The very air around it seems poisonous and life-draining.

Extra Final= The Ultimate Truth= A giant vortex has appeared in the ground and with it a horde of new and more dangerous creatures starts roaming the land. From within the vortex, the heroes hear whispers, promises of the truth behind everything. To save their world once more and to preserve their future, the heroes leap into the vortex.