First of all, when I first heard of the coming of Marvel vs Capcom 3, i was both excited and frankly a little worried. I've seen and heard of how horribly cheap people used to play back in MvC 2 and if that was unchanged, the game would be completely dead online. As I kept my eyes on the game's development through youtube, my opinion went from scared to rather impressed. The game was balanced to the point where no character was overly brawlic but instead all characters can kill all characters without the necessity of breaking your fingers just to do it. When the game finally came out, i did my normal procedure of getting a new game, playing for the rest of the day for fun and to examine the pros and cons which obviously every game has them.

-much more balanced than the predecessor, all characters are usable
-the idea of the comic is actually pretty cool, really makes characters feel more normalish
-the gallery
-actually working for the stuff in the gallery unlike those people who just want everything right off the bat
-graphics are pretty incredible (example=have you seen that Shinku Hadoken????)
-voice actors are pretty good, i have yet to check the jap ones though
-music changing depending on your opponent, good touch
-an actually difficult boss unlike Abyss who was only hard in form 2
-DLC, the idea of dlc is always good to me, if a game has DLC, it means the creators still care about it and are willing to fix things. (example=MGO)
-Newcomers such as Dante and Amaterasu gives their games a bit more publicity and fame while also giving less known Marvel characters such as Deadpool and Taskmaster a chance for people to know them instead of focusing only on the main people
-online play is pretty good since the game does give you opponents based on same skill unlike SSF4 who will randomly pair you up with obese opponents on a daily basis
-shadow battles are a very interesting concept because who always having an opponent on hand who actually fights with a decent amount of human thought is always refreshing
-mission mode IS USEFUL NO MATTER WHAT PEOPLE SAY, there are comboes in there that work and it does give you a decent handle on how to use a character

-Sentinal is and will always be my main issue, while i admit he has been slightly weakened and is actually killable, he is still not nerfed enough to give other characters a proper fighting chance
-character power charts, most of them do not make any sense whatsoever.
-lack of faves from the other MvCs such as Megaman and Cyclops are noticeable, putting them back would be quite good.
-character roster size just seems rather tiny compared to the old one.
-assists are another main issue, while this series is known for assists, the assists should not be so freaking overpowering, mainly going to Sentinal assists but applies to all
-time limits in a player match???? this may be the second biggest or even first biggest issue even compared to Sentinal. Player matches are meant for friends to fight and have epic matches, not rush their fights
-during an online group match, the person who isn't fighting has no way of keeping themself entertained, you can't watch the fight now. at the very least, Capcom could give us a stick figure animation of the fight going on but no, we are left with just 2 cards smacking each other.
-mission mode while is useful, it could definitly be improved. their just isn't enough.
online is also rather lacking, a replay mode would be awesome because watching the gameplay of high-ranking players can and will improve your own gameplay
-newcomers are also needing a little work, there are a lot of missing fights such as Dr. Strange fighting Dormammu, Vergil fighting Dante, Ken fighting Ryu, and finally why C.Viper is here instead of maybe Cammy or Juri.
-Morrigan doesn't have real playing issues, but really? Capcom kinda O.Ded on her bust size. I understand the need for dudes to have hot gameing babes but cmon, i think they put a little too much detail there.

All in all, MvC3 is good and bad just like all other games. While indeed many things can be improved, that should not stop you from playing this game. This is an awesome and rather underappreciated game simply because most people nowadays can't truly appreciate the new things Capcom is trying out. While it may be your first reaction to read a game's reviews, my advice is DONT. You should not buy a a game simply because what other people say, this causes many great games to be completely left out and personally is something i find completely bs. Take for instance the game Tron, when i bought the game, the store manager even told me that the game sucked. I said ok and i still bought it, went home, played it, and loved it. While like all games there are some issues, but Tron was a great game that deserves good grades and not be completely flamed on by every person who can't think buy a game without reading some bs review.

Final Grade for MvC3= 8/10