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Amy and Matt, Preface
I closed my eyes and pushed the knife over my wrist. I try to ignore the pain; soon I’ll be out of here, to a pain-free place. I slowly turned on the cold dial and ignored the blood dripping in the water.
"Amy open the door! It’s me Hun!" a sweet deep voice calmed.
"Go away Matt! This is for the best," I tried to reassure him.
"Amy please open it! I love you!" Matt begged.
Now I was carving into my other wrist with the knife, and climbing into the freezing water with all of my clothes still on. "I know. I know...but you broke your promise," I mumbled.
Suddenly the door swung open to reveal Matt; he looked tired and upset. Matt had brown hair and blue eyes. I loved those eyes. But I couldn’t stand it when he looked like this! I couldn’t do this to him anymore.
He raced to the tub and picked me up.
"Put me down...This is for the best!" I screamed "I...I...need...to...to...," I said trying to fight off the darkness. I failed.
"M...a...tt... wh...e...re a...re we?" I whispered waking up.
He was quiet for a few minutes until he finally said "Were almost to the hospital. You'll be fine."
"NO! PULL OVER! It’s not going to be okay! I've been trying to try to do it before, but you ruined it! And now that I get the chance I’m not going to let you ruin it again!" I exclaimed crying.
"Stop it! Just stop! I'll love you no matter what! Well get through this! Just let me help you!" he begged, tears finally making their way down his face.
"Whatever! Do what you want!" I gave up. He loved me... I couldn’t do this to him! I had to get out of here...I couldn’t see him like this.
"About three more minutes till we get there...You going to be okay till then? Oh and what is your story?" he asked.
"What do you think? Tell them the truth...they already know it...!" I screamed showing him my wrists that were still bleeding. I HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE!
I grabbed a pencil off the dash board and started to scrape it across my left wrist. I pushed harder and harder each time I went across.
Matt looked over toward me just noticing what I was doing. "Stop it! STOP TRYING TO KILL YOURSELF!!!! YOU'LL BE OKAY!" He screamed snatching the pencil and throwing it out the window.
I had made a deep cut with the pencil and now there was blood all over the front seat.
I finally felt something pulling me into the dark. I let it overcome me.
I opened my eyes and found I was in a hospital bed, again. Matt was next to me sleeping. How long had I been out? What did Matt tell them? I couldn’t think of this now; I’ll just get some more sleep. I closed my eyes and blocked out the noises of the hospital. After a while I fell back to sleep.
* * *

(WTF D< it will not let me do tab D&lt wink

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