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Amy and Matt Chapter 3
I made my way to my locker, the lockers in our school are purple because our school colors are purple and white, and supposedly pirate colors are purple and white..
My locker was organized and everything was in the place I wanted it, I grabbed my art sketch book, my English binder, and my Geometry Binder and book. I stuffed them into my over-the-shoulder book-bag and grabbed two pencils. I shut my locker carefully and made my way outside. The busses were already here and people were walking home, and getting picked up.
"Hey, Amy!" Anna, a preppy girl who hated me for no reason, yelled from the stairs.
"Hi Anna...” I mumbled.
"So, I hear you fainted during lunch and Matt the emo helped you!" She said grinning and giggling.
"Shut up." I said walking away from her.
"Fine, runaway to your little Auntie. Instead of your dead boyfriend." She laughed. I turned around and looked her straight in the eyes.
"Don’t talk about Eric. You have no right." I snapped.
"Aw...is someone upset...”
"Shut up!" I yelled. She has no right to talk to me like that!
"Hmm…Someone is getting angry." I turned around and ran away hearing her laughing.
She didn’t need to talk to me like that! She had no idea what I’ve had to deal with...
"Amy.” Matt said from behind me.
“What do you want now?” I asked, not looking back.
“Ignore her… She’s just a b***h. She doesn’t know what she’s talking about.” He put his hand on my shoulder.
“It doesn’t matter.” I sighed, holding back tears.
"Just leave me alone.“ I muttered, I walked away, pulling out of his grip and walking down the street to my aunt’s house it and had flowers out front and three large oak trees and it had a black roof with white siding.
I hated this house with every ounce of energy I had. I slept in the basement; there were three rooms down there: a bathroom, my room, and the laundry room.
My room had red walls and wood flooring. It had a large bed in a corner of the room; my bed always had two comforters on it. My dresser was big and wooden; it had stickers all over it. My walls were covered with posters of every band I liked, and some of my drawings. My desk was in another corner of my room, it was organized better than anything else of mine, I could tell a monkey how to find something and it could find it in ten seconds. My closet was full and unorganized. I had many boxes full of stuff in there and many clothes. There were always clothes on the floor in there. But overall, I guess I like my room here…
I walked up to the garage door and put in the code: 348329. I have no idea why that is the code. My aunt picked it and won’t tell me why.
I walked through the garage and into the house, when you get into the house from the garage you enter through the den. The den has two couches and a large screen television. Right by the door is a set of stairs that lead downstairs. I ran down stairs and pushed my door open. I threw my bag down on the ground and went to check my email on my computer on my desk. I logged in and pulled up yahoo. No new messages... But Hannah was on Skype.
Amy: Hey
Hannah: Hi..
Amy: How are you..?
Hannah: I’m fine.. you?
Amy: Idk…just a lot going on right now, I’m not sure how I’m feeling…
Hannah: Oh, I’m sorry, you gonna be ok?
Amy: …I don’t really know that answer.
Hannah: Oh
Amy: Yeah…
Amy: Well I’ll let you go…I have to work on some homework…
Hannah: okay, have fun…
Amy: I’ll try… Bai for now.
Amy signed off at 4:35

I sighed and looked at my computer. “What’s the point anymore?” I muttered, looking down and letting a few tears out I went and laid down on my bed. I dozed off a few times and then realized it was seven o’clock and I should start my homework.
I pulled out my geometry book and started on my homework, starting to work on our packet for the week. I finished it by eight o’clock and laid down on my bed, reading my book. Sleep overcame me while I was reading it.

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