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A Requiem
What a Nobody has to say.Please read according to date or you would not understand the story. NOT ABOUT KINGDOM HEARTS GEZZ. I just used names.
-Abyssal Rose:Inferiority-
The sky was no longer indigo with the scent of morning dew drifting amongst the heavenly air. Haizen slowly opened his eyes wavering a yawn. His ears twitched and scanned the surrounding area. The sound of birds, car horns, cats' cries, and Human speech filled the morning with a tireless atmosphere. He stood up and shook the dew from his fur, letting it dry in the rising sun. Haizen stepped into Riku's apartment, not knowing the terror he had just seen within his reflection. Damn Riku. " The collar was still attached to his neck. He looked around, but everyone was still asleep. In his attempts to remove the shackle of death, he'd tried everything he could have thought of. scissors, knives, and even his own katana. Nothing worked. He gave out a sigh and returned to his canine form once more. He didn't want to disturb his friends while they slept, so he decided it would be best for him to get out of the house. Due to him being a wolf, he was far larger than any normal dogs and more smarter. He walked around the streets when he caught a familiar scent. The blood from that figure he'd encountered the other night. To his curiosity, Haizen followed it. It let him to a large building he saw that there was a sigh that specifically read " No pets " Haizen was clever and transformed into his humanoid form. He went passed the guard, who gave him a strange look. Maybe because of the collar, but Haizen didn't mind. He looked up and noticed a stairway. Knowing that it was easier to get around, he reverted into his canine-like form and climbed the stairs which lead to a door at the very end. He continued to follow the scent, it was at the door, maybe even pasted it. He scratched on the door to see if anyone was there. No answer. Haizen transformed into his human form and knocked, the back to his wolf. The door opened with a young man standing a the foot of it. He was very familiar to Haizen, not just his scent, but his eyes. Those icy-cold eyes could only belong to only one person Haizen knew, Khani. The bandaged Khani stroked Haizen's head, " So it's you... "

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Community Member
commentCommented on: Thu Jul 29, 2010 @ 09:36am
It's so good^^. I like it. Poor Haizen though

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