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A Requiem
What a Nobody has to say.Please read according to date or you would not understand the story. NOT ABOUT KINGDOM HEARTS GEZZ. I just used names.
-Abyssal Rose:Haizen's Bite-
Riku stood there a bit confused of the matter, however, the figure shot more arrows. All shot Riku at the point he started kneeling. " Why are you doing this? " No answer. The figure fired more arrows at him. Riku desperately tried to evade them, but was shot by a few. He never felt in such a helpless state before. When all seemed lost, the figure approached him in an attempt to make the finishing blow, however, aside from the approaching shadow, Riku caught a glint of something silver pass before his eyes. Before him, stood a moonlit wolf, snarling at the figure. The figure froze and tried to shoot Riku, but the wolf leaped in front of him crushing the figure's arm with its powerful jaws. As the figure staggered, the wolf leaped back, returning in a different form. The form had the robes of a death god and blond hair, wearing sliver glassed in font of his sapphire blue eyes. " Haizen... " Riku whispered in amazement as a faint smile swept across Haizen's lips. " Hey. "Haizen smiled. The figure backed away as if the sight of Haizen was like light to the darkness. It vanished into the night, but Haizen caught the scent of something different. " Riku, go back. " What? " Now! " Haizen's voice was serious so Riku did as he was told and ran back to the apartment. Haizen walked deeper into the ally way, taking the dog-like form once more as he saw the figure getting shot at by some strange men. It was the men who'd hired Khani to kill Xion, but Haizen saw them as the Shinigami who was appended the inheritance of the Rainer clan, this confused him, but he had to do something. Haizen leaped at one of the men bearing his fangs onto the man's gaping neck. The sight of the man's torn throat caused one of them to face the wolf. " You're....! " The man's teeth chattered as Haizen growled, showing his blood-stained fangs and struck his throat. Haizen then faced the figure who bore three bullet wounds. In this state, he would be better off dead. But Haizen felt compassion and approached the figure, lowering his head like a dog waiting for its punishment. The figure reached out and stroke his head, then got up. " Good boy... " Haizen watched as the figure disappeared and ran swiftly to catch up with Riku.
Riku saw the wolf running at his side and opened the door his apartment. Haizen panted and Riku poured water into a bowl. " So why do you conceal yourself in that form? " Riku smiled as Haizen began drinking the water. " I should be asking you where Michiko and Zanzaura are. " Michiko's sleeping and Zanzura's walked off somewhere, he'll be back at dawn. " Haizen nodded and begun to lick his paws and yawn. He seemed almost like a dog, Riku couldn't resist. He reached into the cabinet and pulled out a collar. " Hey! What are you- " Too late. He'd put the collar on Haizen without hesitation. " This isn't funny!" Haizen growled as Riku started laughing. " Suits you just fine. " A twist on the door knob and Zanzura appeared from the doorway. " Riku. " Yeah? " Why did you buy a dog? " Riku starred at Haizen and tried to hold in his laughter as Haizen started to growl.
It was still night as Khani had reached his home, he took off his helmet and it matching garment and headed up stairs for a shower. Khani tended to his wounds and plucked the bullets from the wounds with tweezers and stitched them up, after finishing the job, he wrapped a bandage around them. from neck to leg he was covered in wounds. He lifted his arm to see the bite mark the dog had left him. " ... " Khani slipped on a pair of black jeans and brushed his silk-soft hair until it dried. He went up stairs and found Xion was still asleep. He flicked off the lights, while approaching the bed. Khani laid beside her, covering the snow-white sheets over her and himself. He brushed away the hair that covered her face while holding her in a careful embrace. His eyes closed as he let out nothing more than a whisper. " ....I love you.... " The silence was seeping through the darkness as he befell into sleep. Xion opened her eyes, a bit confused that Khani's feelings were even more pure than his actions. She didn't want to hurt him in anyway so she placed her hand on his back, accepting his embrace.

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commentCommented on: Thu Jul 29, 2010 @ 08:21am
Eep! o.o Will Riku be okay? Will Khani?
XD Haizen is called a dog, poor Haizen. XD
...That is just too cute. x.x

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