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A Requiem
What a Nobody has to say.Please read according to date or you would not understand the story. NOT ABOUT KINGDOM HEARTS GEZZ. I just used names.
-Abyssal Rose:Excitment-
Xion woke up to find the room darken with night as she rose up from the bed to looked around. " ...How long was I...? " She got off and looked out the window. It was dark with a shining moon. " I wonder...If they know that I'm gone. " Suddenly, she felt arms cross over her neck, causing her to instinctively looked to see what it was. " Khani !? " " You were thinking about them, weren't you? " .... " Khani's grasp on her tightened on her as he continued. " I don't mind letting you see them, you know." Huh? " Anything that would give me the joy of seeing you smile would do me good. " Really? " Why of course. " He let go of her and took a step back. " We'll visit those friends of yours, tomorrow. " She nodded and Khani looked on the window. He walked towards it and pulled something from it. A letter? He opened it and read it to himself. " Sorry, but I must really go. I would have loved to spend more time with you, but it seems I am needed. " Work? " ...You could...Say that. " He walked closer to her, narrowing the distance between them. Xion looked up at him trying to figure out his intentions. Something about his smile seemed to be hiding something. He gave her a simple kiss on her cheek and walked towards the stairs. Xion remained quiet in the moonlit room.
Zanzura watched over Tushiko as she slept when suddenly he heard footsteps. " Still asleep? " Yes. " Hm. " It was Riku, he reached in his pocked and pulled out a deep red jewel. " ...That's.... " Yeah, I found it in my hand as you woke up as a Human. " So is that why I'm like this? " Yeah. Sorry." Riku handed the jewel to Zanzura and stepped back. " So you're normal again, right? " Riku asked and Zanzura returned a gesture." You know what to do. " Riku remained in the room as a loud scream cam from the other room " HOW DO YOU TAKE THIS BLOODY THING OFF! " It must have been Haizen. " You still haven't taken that off? " No, it's too funnyXD. " Zanzura gave a sigh of disappointment and glared at thre jewel. Zanzura held close it at his chest. Riku watched as it dissolved into the spot where is heart should have been. Suddenly, a cloud of blackened reiatsu surrounded Zanzura and there was silence. When the mist cleared, Zanzura's hair was now icy-white and his face had dark blue scar marks that came rose from his cheeks to about an inch underneath his eyes. He opened his eyes, now his pupils resembled a cat-like slit. On his head, donned a part of a bird-like dragon skull. He had returned into his Espada form.

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commentCommented on: Thu Aug 05, 2010 @ 04:13am
Poor Haizen. At least Zanzura is back to being Espada >.> scary though

commentCommented on: Tue Aug 10, 2010 @ 08:36am
lol Haizen you make me laugh XD

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