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A Requiem
What a Nobody has to say.Please read according to date or you would not understand the story. NOT ABOUT KINGDOM HEARTS GEZZ. I just used names.
-Abyssal Rose:Deception-
Riku opened his eyes and lifted himself up. He was surprised to see that it was so quiet. He turned to look over at his digital clock and read the time. 1:05 am. " No wonder... " He got up from the bed and went into his closet. Quickly, he put on some casual clothes and a trench to go with it. As he climb down the stairs, he saw Haizen talking on the phone. " Coming to visit you say? Tomorrow? Alright. Thanks. " Haizen hung up the phone then turned to Riku. " Awake at this time? " Riku nodded and started to approach the door." Where are you going? "Haizen question with a smirk. " That guy's close. " I'm not going to stop you. " So be it. " Within a few seconds Riku had already left, leaving the compelled Haizen. " Such a foolish boy...If I shall every stain my fangs with such a mercy. "
The wind hit Riku's back coldly as the crescent rose from the darkness of the night. Running to find the man who had kidnapped his friend would be pretty hard, but for Riku, it would be easy as long as he could sense reiatsu. The snow seemed eerie with the background of the moonlit night with a man dressed in black running freely through the night. He watched the specks of ice crystals rain from the sky when suddenly he halted. From the corner of eyes, he saw a man and a woman walking. Xion. He knew this because of her eyes, fainter than a polished amethyst. The man standing beside her, there was no doubt it was the man who had returned Haizen two days ago. Khani put his arm around Xion's neck and closed his eyes. " ...Can things be like this forever? " His tone wasn't cold nor deserting, but rather calm and composed. Xion let out a faint smile. " I don't seem why it can't " As his face came closer to Xion's he paused. Riku's eyes were locked on his and Khani walked in front of Xion. " Khani is everything-" Xion paused as she saw Riku's face. " Riku! " XIon! Get away from him. " Khani simply place a hand on Xion's should her and stepped in front of her. " Don't worry, this will end shortly. " He vanished from Xion's sight and appeared in front of Riku. RIku held a tight grip on his katana and narrowed his eyes. " I'm taking her home. " Khani's expression remained calm ans still and he summoned his bow. " That won't be necessary.... " Riku and Khani charged for each other like two birds of prey going after the same target. " Both of enough! " It wasn't clear weather of not either of them could hear Xion's cry. For they were both at each others throat.

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commentCommented on: Wed Aug 11, 2010 @ 04:57am
nooooooooooo! listen to Xion's cry! D:

commentCommented on: Thu Aug 12, 2010 @ 02:51am
rolleyes men. Why not just talk about it?

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